My first handmade TF2 cosmetic of the year

I forgot to put up something big on my blog the other day. I decided to smelt enough refined metal and junk to craft into the Grenadier’s Softcap for the Soldier so that I can use that along with the Black Box and the Battalion’s Backup to complete a Soldier item set known as The Tank Buster:

Now I’m planning on getting one of the two cosmetics from the Dr. Grordbort’s Moonman Pack item set for the Pyro. One is an spaceman’s backpack and the other is a astronaut helmet with a corn cob pipe attached to it, but we’ll find out which one I should get once I have enough junk for crafting.

In tonight’s post: Combine Lampoon’s Pokémon Vacation

Success! I have completed my latest SFM artwork project of a group of Pokémon Trainers meeting the Combine soldiers and a friendly zombified Gold Gibus Soldier with a head of a watermelon in a cartoonish city, and I decided to make two new Pokemon trainers which are Ruby (a female trainer in red and white) and Amanda (a female trainer in black and blue).


More SFM artwork projects will be uploaded shortly as soon as they’re completely verified. 🙂

Moar Tee Eff Too

Been playing around on a TF2 community server with some bots the other day. I was on a Double Cross map playing as Soldier on the BLU team with my Specialized Killstreak Rocket Launcher with Night Owl Mk.ii War Paint, and I have managed to get a longest killstreak of 120 without dying:

Plus I’ve also been playing as Heavy, Engineer and Demoman just to guard the team intelligence from the enemies. So far I’ve been doing really good on the classes that I’ve been playing as, and I’ve had a lot of fun destroying bots on the opposing team. 🙂

First Open Thread of the Year

I sold enough junk from my Steam inventory this evening to purchase the Dancing Doe, a bandana for the Soldier based on the one worn by Ricardo Milos, and a couple things from the Steam market.

Then after I got that out of the way, my family and I chowed down some tacos and nachos for tonight’s dinner:

And the next thing we know after we’re all done eating dinner is we get to drink 2 rounds of B-52 Bombers as our great after-dinner celebration. 🙂

I drew my first pic of the month

I decided to draw a picture of my latest TF2 alter ego for tonight:

His name is Gangplank Graham. He has dark red hair, he wears an ancient pirate coat with brown neckwear and cuffs, and he also wears a pair of grey sunglasses. The reason why I drew that is because this is based on one of my current Soldier loadouts in-game:

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