2,000 Sheets Under The Sea

Ladies and gentlemen, I have finally reached 2,000 Game Boy / GBC sprite sheets in the Spriters Resource website:

Oh, and here’s a Game Boy sprite sheet that’s been submitted and confirmed the other day:

This is the SGB border from a Japanese pet simulation game called ‘Itsudemo! Nyan to Wonderful’.

I did play that game last week, and it was really fun taking care of pets especially in Japan. 🙂

More Fun With Borderlands 2

I want that skull helmet and witch doctor’s shield inside that wooden Claptrap.

I’ve been battling some more bad guys in Borderlands 2 this evening, and here’s a weapon that I got after spending some golden keys the other day:

I also earned a couple of Dahl blaster rifles but I don’t have screenshots of those. So now is my time to take a break from this game and go do the bed thing. Ciao!

Have My Handsome Dragon Pokémon

I’ve been playing a bit of Pokémon Diamond this evening, and I decided to dress up my fellow Pokémon who turns out to be an earthy dragon:

Fangz the Garchomp

Yep, Fangz sure is ablaze with glittery passion. 😛 Oh, and here’s an additional bonus before I sign off for tonight:

This is my sprite sheet of the Nintendo DS game icons for Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Anyways, that is all.

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