Having Fun With BeamNG.drive

I’ve been checking out a soft-body physics vehicle simulation game called BeamNG.drive, and it’s a lot of fun racing around different cities and areas that include series of challenges ranged from super easy to extremely hard.

So far I have managed to complete a few easy challenges in Free Roam mode. There were also other modes like Light Runner and Time Trial in which I’ll check those out the next time I play. What I also like about this game is you can spawn any vehicle in-game and other things such as a giant soccer ball and a road sign. 😛 I also like about the photo editor mode just like in Carmageddon, so I can take cool pictures of my custom vehicles and other things in the scenery.

Now I’mma take a break from this game and head off to the Turbo Burger fast food restaurant to enjoy some delicious burgers before calling it a night.

Anyways, that is all.

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