More Fun With Borderlands 2

I want that skull helmet and witch doctor’s shield inside that wooden Claptrap.

I’ve been battling some more bad guys in Borderlands 2 this evening, and here’s a weapon that I got after spending some golden keys the other day:

I also earned a couple of Dahl blaster rifles but I don’t have screenshots of those. So now is my time to take a break from this game and go do the bed thing. Ciao!

Coming Back To The Bawderlands… 2

This Badass Bullymong be chillaxin’.

I’ve been blowing more stuff up in Borderlands 2 tonight, and I got myself a few golden keys and a new Fan Boat skin customization.

I also obtained a new pistol after retrieving the golden keys but unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot for that because I was too busy shooting down dozens of enemies, and before I go I will show you this cute screenshot of two WAR loaders happily hugging each other in Eridium Blight:

Get Pinned By The Door Frame

I just remembered something while I was playing Max Payne from awhile back. Here’s a screenshot of a glitch where a Punchinello mobster was stuck on the door frame back in the fifth level of Part 1:

Yep, I’d thought that was a funny glitch right there. 😛 Oh, and speaking of Max Payne I should probably get back into this game one of these days and finish off the rest of the mercenaries, killer suits and the notoriously evil Nicole Horne.

Let’s Talk More About Max Payne

Oh no! The Killer Suits have murdered an off-screen terrorist.

After my family and I got back from getting vaccines shots and groceries last night, I decided to celebrate by playing some Max Payne since it’s been a long time.

I left off at Cold Steel factory where I fought against 187 mercenaries, then I made my way to the D-6 medical research facility with dozens of dead scientists. After that I escaped from the explosions that Michael Bay created, and then I ran into an evil DEA agent known as B.B., who awaits me in his own parking garage, and then I managed to murder him and his crew.

And now I’m at the point where I’m in the land of the blind. 😛

Finally Coming Back To The Bawderlands… 2!

Nighty night, my queen.

I came back to playing a little bit of Borderlands 2 since it’s been a long time, and I snagged some SHiFT codes to get some keys and powerful loot. So now I have about 100 keys with a really huge mound of cash, and everything in the game seems to be running fine in 2K. Hooray! 🙂

And now for no reason at all, here’s another BL2 pic that I took from last year:

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