Smoke On The Water, Fire Filled The Sky

I’ve been playing around some more TF2 recently after selling a few pieces of junk from the Steam market including my unpainted disco ball eyes to purchase the ones with purple paint:

The reason why is because I wanted to complete my Pyro loadout with three cosmetics that are painted purple.

My Robot Chicken hat would also go along with that loadout very nicely.

Yep, I have now become the Deep Purple Pyro. 🙂

Sumthin’ ain’t right in Bawderlandz Tres

I discovered something weird yesterday. I was going to punch in a SHiFT code to get some keys in Borderlands 3 but as soon as I click on ‘Social’, my game decided to have a stroke because one of my hard drives that had Borderlands 3 and several other Steam games in it had gone offline. So now everything is working fine in Borderlands 3, and I even obtained the keys before the code has reached the expiration date. Thank goodness for that, and I also got the Daemon head customization last month. 🙂

But for now I’ll wait on a new set of SHiFT codes from Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel so that I can earn more keys and grab new guns, grenades, shields and class mods.

Benchmarking Fun with 3DMark

Once again there wasn’t much to write about, but I decided to do some more benchmarking with 3DMark on my PC while I was watching Rachael Ray earlier this afternoon just to score some achievements, and so far I have obtained three of them: One for getting a good score for my hardware, another for getting an excellent score for my hardware, and the third for running all four DirectX 12 Ultimate feature tests. 🙂 Now I’ll have to wait on getting more 3DMark achievements in another time because I found one for running a benchmark between Midnight and 6 o’ clock in the morning, and also another for running Time Spy Extreme on New Year’s Day in which I somehow missed that achievement this year because I got sidetracked by chores and real life.

Oh well, guess I’ll wait ’til next year to get that ‘New Year’s Resolution’ achievement I’m hoping for.

Check out my new GMod block art

I decided to work on my pixel block art in GMod this evening, and here’s a pic of what I’ve been working on:

This is supposed to be an 8-bit sprite of Miru, a light green friendly ghost of Pac-Man from the 80’s arcade game Pac & Pal. I got my Miru block art up on Steam now, and I also published my block art of a gold key that I made last year but I forgot about publishing my 8-bit key on that year due to real life and other productive distractions.

I was going to plan on doing more block art in GMod tomorrow, but this time I’ll work on some block art that’s completely different and doesn’t include video game characters.

Coming Back to Scribblenauts Unmasked *again*

After doing my heroic skirmish against the DC Comics supervillains in Scribblenauts Unmasked I decided to create my custom Hunter from the L4D series which is now added to my collection:

Unfortunately he cannot pounce on people just like the actual Hunter but he has the adjective ‘jumping’ added to him when created, but he does have 250 health just like in the L4D games. I even uploaded two more workshop items on Steam that include my versions of the supervillains in-game. If anybody wants to check them out on Steam then feel free to do so.

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