Latest TF2 Hat Drop of the Day

Been playing around some TF2 lately, and guess what I got as a random item drop?

This Medic cosmetic consists of dark brown wavy hair with a large beige headband and a small team-colored headband that was worn around it. Now I just need to figure out what paint tool I should use for it. Probably gonna paint it Aged Moustache Grey if my PayPal account is all set up so that I can purchase the paint tool in the Steam market.

Late Night TF2 Fun Time

Been playing around some more TF2 lately since a couple days ago was the game’s 13th birthday, and I’ve sold my first Summer 2020 cosmetic case and spent enough money to buy the Speedster’s Spandex for the Scout:

It was colored purple just like my Bonk Boy and my squirrel friend to make myself… Purple Super Scoot and the New Jersey Neck-Humping Squirrel! 😛

Happy Belated Birthday TF2!

TF2 Winter 2019 Updatification

I sold my Smissmas 2019 cosmetic cases and other pieces of junk from my TF2 inventory and spent just enough Steam money to buy a Skullbrero, a sombrero with skull patterns, for the Pyro:

And not only did get that from the market, I also got the diamond eyes, also for the Pyro, that have Australium Gold paint applied to it. Can’t wait to buy more stuff from the market after I get some games from this year’s Steam Winter Sale. 🙂

Wednesday Night Open Thread

I managed to craft enough junk to craft these decorative bombs for the Demoman after doing more TF2:

I was hoping for the butt pirate hat like my friend Tomala, but unfortunately that did not happen this time. Oh well, at least the bombs look awesome on my Demoman loadout though.

Oh, I also sold some more junk from my Steam inventory to purchase a few cosmetics from the Steam market for tonight:

Either way, I’ve had such a fun time once again. Can’t wait to get more cosmetics and other things when the Steam Winter Sale begins. 🙂

Meet the Wintertime Scoot

Last night I’ve been playing around on a 2Fort community server in TF2 and I found a ski cap with goggles for the Scout as my latest item drop:

I was very amazed when I got that. 🙂 Now I just need to get a lime green paint tool from the Steam market after I get done purchasing some games that I wanted to get from the Steam Winter Sale so that I can use the lime green paint tool on my latest Scout cosmetic.

I got new TF2 cosmetics! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

Last night I sold enough pieces of junk in my Steam inventory for some TF2 cosmetics from the market since I’ve been playing some more TF2 lately. Here are some screenshots of my latest in-game fashion accessories:

I accidentally purchased the regular Pocket Santa (on the right center position) instead of the strange Pocket Santa, so I sold it to someone for about a dime.
I was thinking about giving this all-class backwards cap a new paint job someday.

I’d say these cosmetics are the good ones for me, except for the regular Pocket Santa because I’m thinking about getting the strange Pocket Santa and a few other strange cosmetics from the market after purchasing some Steam games from the Christmas Sale which will begin someday around mid-December.

I Can Haz Latest Fashion Accessories

I sold enough junk from my Steam inventory the other day to purchase two all-class cosmetics from the market since I’ve been doing some TF2 lately:

I decided to get rid of my blonde Brutal Bouffant for this team-colored one.
This will be my 2nd painted pair of Summer Shades.

I can’t wait to get more fashion equipment and other stuff when the Steam Halloween Sale begins. 🙂

Thursday Evening Open Thread + A Lil’ Bit of TF2 Fun Time

Today’s weather turned out to be nice than last couple days ago. My sister Tomala made some delicious shrimp pasta for dinner this evening along with cooked vegetables which are diced bell peppers, onions and corn. Unfortunately I didn’t have a picture of it because I was too busy enjoying my food, but it was really good food by the way. 🙂

After I got done eating dinner I decided to have fun by playing TF2, and I have sold enough garbage to purchase some new stuff from the Steam market:

This hat for the Heavy was purchased in the Steam market four days ago.

I’ve had such a good time playing around with various people on random online community servers tonight. Enjoy this open thread!

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