Smoke On The Water, Fire Filled The Sky

I’ve been playing around some more TF2 recently after selling a few pieces of junk from the Steam market including my unpainted disco ball eyes to purchase the ones with purple paint:

The reason why is because I wanted to complete my Pyro loadout with three cosmetics that are painted purple.

My Robot Chicken hat would also go along with that loadout very nicely.

Yep, I have now become the Deep Purple Pyro. 🙂

Final Post of the Year + Some Fun with TF2

This has been a bad year for us because of lots of famous celebrities dying mostly from COVID, our next-door neighbor died from drowning, and even seeing any Karens or Cletuses that are too stupid to take a COVID vaccine shot and wear a face mask. But on the bright side, my friendly family members decided to give me a new mousepad as a belated Christmas gift last night along with a box of small pieces of plywood that form into a delivery truck, and I think I’ll plan on assembling it one of these days whenever I feel like it. Thanks for the Christmas present, my wonderful members of the family! That really cheered me up from those villainous anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers that try to mutilate me. 🙂

And now for my next trick for no reason at all, I will now craft enough pieces of junk into this cool-looking astronaut helmet after playing some more TF2 for tonight as part of my new year’s resolution:

Now that is just what I wanted all along, and TF2 has been aged quite well over the years even with the beautifully cartoonish graphics.

Happy New Year’s Eve to all of you ladies and gentlemen all over the world and let’s hope next year will get better than this.

2 ssertroF maeT otni kcab gnitteG

Heheh, I’m best friends with Bob. 😛

My apologies for not posting a few days ago. I’ve been too busy playing on some community servers in TF2 the other day after surviving four nights of cleaning around the local store with the cleaning robot. I have been getting random items drop lately such as weapons and useless cosmetic cases which require keys to open the cases. I still have yet to make more scrap metal, but I’ll keep on playing TF2 until I find the proper weapon drops so that I destroy them into scrap metal.

TF2 Winter 2019 Updatification

I sold my Smissmas 2019 cosmetic cases and other pieces of junk from my TF2 inventory and spent just enough Steam money to buy a Skullbrero, a sombrero with skull patterns, for the Pyro:

And not only did get that from the market, I also got the diamond eyes, also for the Pyro, that have Australium Gold paint applied to it. Can’t wait to buy more stuff from the market after I get some games from this year’s Steam Winter Sale. 🙂

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