Late Thanksgiving SFM Artwork Roundup

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving this year. I’ve been playing around in SFM (Source FilmMaker) this evening since it’s been a while. Here’s a couple of pics I’ve put together for tonight:

And to top it off I have made my own TF2 profile poster using Krita and Adobe Illustrator, just like my Thanksgiving picture above:

Now I’m at the point where I’m making my next SFM project that’s based on a Christmas theme. 😛

Have a TF2 Screenshot of the Day

I was playing around some random community servers with bots in TF2 lately, and I took this screenshot of a dead scout who somehow got his legs stuck in something next to the stairs after he died:

Turns out I still got a lot of work to do on my latest SFM project such as the lighting, camera angling and character posing but I think I’ll wait on doing that until my weekend begins because I got two straight rounds of my nightmare shift of the week to do.

Out with the Old, In with the New

I was going through some old GMod screenshots, and I decided to turn one of them into my latest SFM project for tonight:

I was best friends with a cardboard doctor as the birds flutter around the sky, and the Heavy is Conga riding on a flying cardboard Heavy. Unfortunately I could not find the Queen Elsa and Princess Anna models in the workshop, but I did get those models from my sis Tomala the other day. So I had no choice but to put in the Scout as my main character in the project.

Some fun with SFM

My sis Tomala has been helping me do certain features and things in Source Filmmaker. I can add new models, lights and other things in the map to make a poster and even publish the artwork of your work on Steam. I can also do face-posing and animations on some characters, resizing their body parts, etc.

Now I can simply enjoy adding sorts of characters and do crazy things to them like making their heads big and even shrink down their hands like what Tomala did to Donald Trump player model. 😛

Late Night TF2 Fun Time

Been playing around some more TF2 lately since a couple days ago was the game’s 13th birthday, and I’ve sold my first Summer 2020 cosmetic case and spent enough money to buy the Speedster’s Spandex for the Scout:

It was colored purple just like my Bonk Boy and my squirrel friend to make myself… Purple Super Scoot and the New Jersey Neck-Humping Squirrel! 😛

Happy Belated Birthday TF2!

Have Some Moar GMod Background Art!

I’ve been making some more background artwork in GMod for the last few days. Here’s one of them that I made of my own Source Filmmaker character for my Overlord Tomala’s future videos on YouTube:

It was the Scout from TF2 wearing a dark blue sleeveless shirt, a white Bill’s hat on his head, a pair of grey summer shades, and a Bombonomicon on his shirt.

Anyways, I wonder what I’m gonna dream about tonight since I’ll be heading back to work for the next three days in a row.

More fun with Bawderlands Too & Tee Eff Too

A few days ago I’ve been playing around some more Borderlands 2 doing my level grinding as usual when suddenly I found another new Bandit Technical skin customization:

Plus I grabbed some guns that are good for my friends, and I decided to put them in my stash located in Sanctuary and sell the old Level 31 guns for some money. Then I moved on to some TF2 just to blow up some stuff, and I took a screenshot of something strange while I was on a random 2Fort server. It was me playing as Heavy eating my banana but it didn’t do the animation of the Heavy taking a bite of his food for whatever reason:

I’ve never seen a glitch like this before. I saw that and was like ‘Ummm… Why on Earth am I not eating my banana while I’m gaining health?’. Anyways, after I got done playing TF2 I decided to sell enough pieces of junk to purchase the Airdog, a team-colored snowboarding helmet with tinted goggles for the Scout, from the Steam market after selling enough junk in my inventory. This cosmetic will go great with my Aloha Apparel to make the Scout look like Special Ed from Crank Yankers:

I’m going to Hawaii! Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!

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