GMod Art Time Open Thread

Been making some more background artwork images in Garry’s Mod lately but unfortunately I didn’t have nearly enough time to put them up because I was too tired…

Anyways, I’ll plan on making something that’s related to Independence Day which starts tomorrow because our town’s firework show has been cancelled due to COVID-19 which means we’re not going to be able to see some fireworks from the show this year. Open Thread!

Playing The Expendabros on Murica’ Day

I decided to celebrate 4th of July by playing The Expendabros, and I have completed the game after tracking down the final boss and running from sawblades and a big red deadly beam to go on a helicopter ride:

Mission accomplished, Bro!

I’ll plan on playing the original Broforce game someday so that I can unlock some Bros and go through some areas that are owned by Satan and his evil minions, and also some bosses like Terrorbot and Megacockter.

I hope everyone else has a Bromantic Murica’ Day. 😀

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