GMod Art Time Open Thread

Been making some more background artwork images in Garry’s Mod lately but unfortunately I didn’t have nearly enough time to put them up because I was too tired…

Anyways, I’ll plan on making something that’s related to Independence Day which starts tomorrow because our town’s firework show has been cancelled due to COVID-19 which means we’re not going to be able to see some fireworks from the show this year. Open Thread!

In tonight’s post: Trumped in Hell

I forgot to put up my latest GMod background artwork yesterday. This is dedicated to my sister Overlord Tomala and our Canadian friend Yutram:

It was President Donny Two-Scoops winding up in the pits of Hell with Ronald McDonald and Francis after being abducted by Ronald McDonald *again*. ๐Ÿ˜›

Time for a new GMod background photo

I uploaded my latest GMod artwork for tonight on Steam. It was me happily hugging a Combine Elite soldier wearing a shiny red soldier helmet inside a Japanese high school:

The reason why is because the Combine Elite are my most favorite kind of Combine soldiers in the Half-Life 2 series. Oh, and what I like about them are their white helmets with a single red ocular lens and two small domes located where the ears of the soldier would be, their stylistic white uniforms with neck guards, and their slick black boots that they’re all wearing. I also like the insignias from the chest, the left arm sleeve and the uniform’s neck guard.


I forgot to put my latest GMod background photo the other day because I was too busy making a fresh batch of header images. It was a picture of Sheckley and Griggs from HL2:EP2 sitting on a dark green couch getting baked and taking turns eating potato chips from a Lay’s potato chip bag next to them:

They decided to take a break from fighting dozens of Antlions under the tunnel and celebrate 420 inside a random apartment. ๐Ÿ˜›

Some fun with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel with friends

Last night my sister Tomala invited to me play Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel with Yutram and Lil’ Queef while Tomala’s live streaming on YouTube and Twitch. It was a lot of fun other than the part where I was driving my Moon Buggy to where my friends are when suddenly my Moon Buggy somehow exploded on me from an engine leak, killing me instantly but I have managed to rise from my space grave and spend some chicken feed after that. Hopefully we’ll do this again on my next day-off or so.

After we got done playing that game I decided to make some background artwork in GMod before moving on to playing Borderlands 2 by myself to continue my grinding level progress. Here’s a picture of something that Tomala was imagining after getting off work the other day:

It was Elsa, who has a funny-looking face, shoving a lightsaber up Darth Vader’s butt. The reason why I made that is because there was a new Star Wars movie and the sequel of Disney movie Frozen coming out on BluRay and DVD.

Have Some Moar GMod Background Art!

I’ve been making some more background artwork in GMod for the last few days. Here’s one of them that I made of my own Source Filmmaker character for my Overlord Tomala’s future videos on YouTube:

It was the Scout from TF2 wearing a dark blue sleeveless shirt, a white Bill’s hat on his head, a pair of grey summer shades, and a Bombonomicon on his shirt.

Anyways, I wonder what I’m gonna dream about tonight since I’ll be heading back to work for the next three days in a row.

Battle of the GMod Background Art Fotoz

I decided to create my own GMod background artwork this afternoon since their main menu background contest has begun a little before 8 o’ clock in the morning. Here’s what I’ve been working on lately:

It was me and my friends Tomala, Yutram and Lil’ Queef all dressed in our own costumes on a Combine vehicle while Ronald McDonald pops out from the pits of hell. More GMod artwork will be on the way if I’ve got enough time for the night, and tomorrow I’ll be working on drawing some artwork that includes Mother’s Day which lands on the 10th of May. ๐Ÿ™‚

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