Monday Evening Thread of the Opening

Last night my family and I went out on a short road trip together to go get some jam and some fast food to chow down on, and it was an excellent trip but unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures from my camera because the sky was starting to get too dark too early and I don’t want to take pictures when it’s dark out.

I’m too tired to think of anything else to post for today other than our nice family road trip that we had yesterday, so feel free to deploy any mouthwords in this thread that has declared open.

First Day of the Month Open Thread

I decided to take a break from doing my latest project in SFM for right now because I got one more day left of my janitorial nightmare shift this week. I’ll plan on finishing up my project such as working on the characters’ movements and the lighting by the time I wake up at 4 o’ clock in the afternoon once I got myself fully ready for the first day of the weekend.

And now for my next trick, I must get everything organized and ready for work so that I can try stay on top of my own game.

Wednesday Night Open Thread: Testing… Testing… 1-2-3…

My new computer case had arrived the other day, and I got my main system up and running with a fresh install of Windows 10 with all my stuff including game backups (except for all my save games for all my Nintendo DS emulator games which are now lost) still on my computer. My father even installed the latest Office and some other things like Discord, Shotcut and Norton.

So far everything is running good and stable… for now.

Flaming Hot Summer Afternoon Open Thread

It was a hot, sunny day today. I have been blowing up stuff in TF2 on a random Double Cross server with bots, and I found some more extra junk as item drops and decided to smelt them into tokens. So now I have 1 class token and 4 slot tokens, and I’m thinking about turning three of the slot tokens into reclaimed metal then save the 4th slot token along with my only class token for later.

After I got done playing TF2, I enjoyed my sub sandwiches from a local restaurant for dinner tonight since I already made my work lunch last night. So we’ll see how this goes during my work days.

Something Something Late Night Open Thread

I got a phone call from work yesterday that they wanted me to come in to do some freight, facing and stocking. So far I’ve done a pretty good job working on freight with the food stockroom freight crew, and for doing so I got even more money added to my paycheck of this week. Now I can spend some money to buy myself technical upgrades for my computer if I wanted to, and even some stuff from the Valve store once my PayPal account is all set up.

But in the meantime, I will now go off in a world of Dreamland. Nugeyes!

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