Some Summertime Fun With Borderlands 2

Death to all spiderants!

I decided to celebrate the first day of summer by playing some Borderlands 2, and I’ve spent a golden key on a couple of new splat guns before I set out on a journey to go guns blazing on some bad guys and evil creatures. Here are the screenshots of what I’m talking about:

I even got myself a new skin customization of the Fan Boat variety right here:

Well, my time is now up because I gotta get back to doing more gaming stuff before I’m done for tonight. See ya!

In Tonight’s Post: Here’s Another Game Boy Sprite Sheet

I’ve been playing some more Caesars Palace of the Game Boy type, and I thought I’d rip a sheet of copyright screen sprites used in this game:

I also did a couple of revisions of some of this game’s sheets like the introduction sprites and the Blackjack table sprites. Now is my time to play the waiting game, and hopefully they don’t get rejected from the Spriters Resource website. Goodnight!

2,000 Sheets Under The Sea

Ladies and gentlemen, I have finally reached 2,000 Game Boy / GBC sprite sheets in the Spriters Resource website:

Oh, and here’s a Game Boy sprite sheet that’s been submitted and confirmed the other day:

This is the SGB border from a Japanese pet simulation game called ‘Itsudemo! Nyan to Wonderful’.

I did play that game last week, and it was really fun taking care of pets especially in Japan. 🙂

More Fun With Borderlands 2

I want that skull helmet and witch doctor’s shield inside that wooden Claptrap.

I’ve been battling some more bad guys in Borderlands 2 this evening, and here’s a weapon that I got after spending some golden keys the other day:

I also earned a couple of Dahl blaster rifles but I don’t have screenshots of those. So now is my time to take a break from this game and go do the bed thing. Ciao!

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