Current Pokémon Fashion Mood: Shell Of A Woman

I thought I’d celebrate the bonus day by playing some Pokémon Diamond, and here’s a screenshot of my fashioned Water-type critter:

Chell the Shellder, named after the female protagonist from Portal. She’s my sweet bivalve of love. 😛

GLaDOS would be really, really happy for me. 😛

Fun With Bookworm For The Game Boy Advance

I found a GBA game that looks similar to Scrabble Blast, and that is Bookworm. It’s a puzzle game where the objective is to link letters and create words to feed the hungry bookworm while trying to keep the fiery red letters from reaching the bottom of your library or else the game is over. Also, you’ll be rewarded with bonus letters if you make long words. Here’s the gameplay of what I’m talking about:

I’m currently at level 15 right now, and I’ve been currently ranked Editor after completing the previous level:

I think this will be a good place to do a checkpoint because I’m heading off to rippify some sprite sheetifications. Goodnight!

Obtaining Awesome Ribbons in Pokémon Diamond

I came back to playing Pokémon Diamond again tonight, but this time I decided to earn some ribbons for some of my Pokémon such as the Effort Ribbon (given to a Pokémon if it has the maximum of 510 total effort values) and the Footprint Ribbon (given to a Pokémon with maximum friendship):

Hooray! Now I have dozens of Pokémon who have earned an Effort Ribbon and/or Footprint Ribbon, and now I’m off to continue doing whatever in this game. 😛

Current Gaming Mood: Mighty Beanz Pocket Puzzle

I’ve been playing around with some Mighty Beanz Pocket Puzzles tonight. It’s a puzzle game for the GBA where you must swap and combine pieces of the Beanz together to successfully match their upper and lower halves to make them whole again. The more you match, the more points you score in this game. Here’s a screenshot of the gameplay:

I have now reached level 4 in this game, and I think I’ll plan on taking a break to play this game until I feel like it.

The stats in this game will show your current score, how much time taken, combos and number of Beanz after you complete a level. It’s a really fun puzzle game for the GBA, and I’m happy with that. 🙂

I found something rare in Pokémon Diamond

I’ve been catching more new (old) species in Pokémon Diamond tonight. Here’s a rare one that I caught the other day:

Plus I’ve also been making some poffins in the Poffin House located in Hearthome City but I don’t have any screenshots for that, unfortunately. But I do have a screenshot of my Feebas’ current condition right now.

Once I get its beautiful condition high enough then it’ll evolve into Milotic. Oh, and I just found out that there’s another way to evolve it and that is when you trade it while its holding a Prism Scale but I can’t do that because I have nobody to do trading. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to do this the hard way.

You got Game Boy Advance in my Nintendo DS!

I decided to come back to Pokémon Diamond on my Nintendo DS emulator since it’s been awhile, but this I’m using the GBA ROM files so that I can catch new (old) species of Pokémon from the Fire Red, Leaf Green, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald versions:

So far I managed to get a few of them like this one in the picture below:

I think I’ll plan on continue my Pokémon journey tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Pocket Billiards Fun Time

I decided to check out a Japanese Game Boy Color sports game called ‘Pocket Billiards: Funk The 9 Ball’:

Here’s a screenshot of the actual gameplay:

You’re playing a game of pool against various computer players, and the objective is to sink the 9 ball last and get the most balls in order to win the game.

What I like about this game, is there’s an instant replay feature after the 9 ball is sunk down.

This is a lot of fun. I’m so adding this to my private collection. 😀

I nailed the best ending in Caesars Palace

I’ve been playing around some more Caesars Palace on the VisualBoyAdvance just for the heck of it and I managed to cash out three quarters of a million dollars! I won huge amounts of “money” in Video Poker, Roulette, Blackjack and the Money Wheel:

After “cashing out” $750,000 I got an awesome hot rod that can send my way back to my hamster headquarters. 🙂

What I like about this best ending is the hot rod jingle sound because I find that quite catchy, and I also like the sign that lets me know that I’m leaving Vegas after beating the game:

I just wish the car and the money were real! 😍

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