Have My Handsome Dragon Pokémon

I’ve been playing a bit of Pokémon Diamond this evening, and I decided to dress up my fellow Pokémon who turns out to be an earthy dragon:

Fangz the Garchomp

Yep, Fangz sure is ablaze with glittery passion. 😛 Oh, and here’s an additional bonus before I sign off for tonight:

This is my sprite sheet of the Nintendo DS game icons for Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Anyways, that is all.

Saturday Night Trading Card Sell-Off Time!

I’ve been selling a bunch of Steam trading cards from the community market lately because I was thinking about getting the Dragon Slayer War Paint if I have sold enough cards to buy it. Here’s a picture of the War Paint that I was talking about:

Credit goes to Valve and Team Fortress 2 for the picture of the Dragon Slayer War Paint.

I was looking that up on the search in the market and found the one with the Factory New exterior for about two dollars. That’s the cheapest Dragon Slayer War Paint of all from the market because the other four Dragon Slayer War Paints ranged from Minimal Wear to Battle Scarred are too expensive for me.

Anyway, I have received a total of 70 cents so far after selling the cards from the last couple days ago. 🙂 More trading cards and other junk will be sold any moment until I have enough money to purchase the War Paint I’m looking for.

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