Some More Pokémon Diamond Fashion Fun Time

I’ve been playing some more Pokémon Dress Up in Pokémon Diamond. This time I’ll show you my beautiful Water-type friends:

Azalea the Goldeen, nicknamed after the female golfer from Mario Golf. She’s my lovely goldfish angel. 🙂

Sherry the Psyduck, nicknamed after the other female golfer from Mario Golf.

Donald the Seaking, nicknamed after that horrid piece of garbage former U.S. President.

Anyways, I better head off and continue my journey of battling against enemy trainers, check on the berry plants and what-not. Goodnight ladies and gentlemen!

Obtaining Awesome Ribbons in Pokémon Diamond

I came back to playing Pokémon Diamond again tonight, but this time I decided to earn some ribbons for some of my Pokémon such as the Effort Ribbon (given to a Pokémon if it has the maximum of 510 total effort values) and the Footprint Ribbon (given to a Pokémon with maximum friendship):

Hooray! Now I have dozens of Pokémon who have earned an Effort Ribbon and/or Footprint Ribbon, and now I’m off to continue doing whatever in this game. 😛

I found something rare in Pokémon Diamond

I’ve been catching more new (old) species in Pokémon Diamond tonight. Here’s a rare one that I caught the other day:

Plus I’ve also been making some poffins in the Poffin House located in Hearthome City but I don’t have any screenshots for that, unfortunately. But I do have a screenshot of my Feebas’ current condition right now.

Once I get its beautiful condition high enough then it’ll evolve into Milotic. Oh, and I just found out that there’s another way to evolve it and that is when you trade it while its holding a Prism Scale but I can’t do that because I have nobody to do trading. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to do this the hard way.

You got Game Boy Advance in my Nintendo DS!

I decided to come back to Pokémon Diamond on my Nintendo DS emulator since it’s been awhile, but this I’m using the GBA ROM files so that I can catch new (old) species of Pokémon from the Fire Red, Leaf Green, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald versions:

So far I managed to get a few of them like this one in the picture below:

I think I’ll plan on continue my Pokémon journey tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Race to Iron Man’s Mountain

I decided to continue my quest in Pokemon Diamond this evening by climbing my way to Stark Mountain, where I meet the strongest trainer named Buck. We went on a journey to find the Magma Stone, where a legendary Heatran awaits me after completing the quest. Afterwards I flew over to the Survival Area and went inside an old man’s house, where Buck was waiting for me. Then I came back to Tony Stark’s Mountain where I squared off against Heatran, and finally managed to catch that gigantic volcanic critter. 😛

I was teaching her new moves that are super-effective against any Grass-types, Ice-types, etc. I decided to name her Krakatoa because it’s named after a legendary volcano located in Indonesia.

Having fun with Jokamel and his Diamonds

I got back into playing some Pokemon Diamond on my DeSmuME this evening, and I have managed to evolve two of the Tyrogue that I caught last night into Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, which I nicknamed them Bruce and Jackie after the two famous movie actors that were karate experts back then:

I think I’ll plan on doing some Pokemon Pearl while my family and I are on a road trip because I need to build up some progress since it’s been a long time and I’ve only got past the beginning in that game.

Monday Monday Monday Night Open Thread

There’s nothing much for me to blog about tonight because I was too tired to do so. I have finally managed to reach 300 species of Pokémon in Pokémon Diamond on my Nintendo DS emulator, and now I just need to hope for about 265 species owned in this game so I that I can move on to Pokémon Pearl in hopes of trying to beat that.

So we’ll see how my life goes after I survive two days of my work week which is Tuesday and Wednesday. Open Thread.

I Heart Shiny Pokémans

Sorry for not posting yesterday because I’ve been getting too tired to blog about something. Anyways, I’ve been playing some more Pokémon Diamond and guess what I found while leveling up my Pokémans?

It was a Pelipper, which is a 3rd generation evolution Pokémon of Wingull, but it’s a shiny one because it has three green digits on each of its wings instead of blue. Its feet with three webbed digits are also green instead of blue.

I felt so excited after catching that shiny creature. 🙂

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