Race to Iron Man’s Mountain

I decided to continue my quest in Pokemon Diamond this evening by climbing my way to Stark Mountain, where I meet the strongest trainer named Buck. We went on a journey to find the Magma Stone, where a legendary Heatran awaits me after completing the quest. Afterwards I flew over to the Survival Area and went inside an old man’s house, where Buck was waiting for me. Then I came back to Tony Stark’s Mountain where I squared off against Heatran, and finally managed to catch that gigantic volcanic critter. 😛

I was teaching her new moves that are super-effective against any Grass-types, Ice-types, etc. I decided to name her Krakatoa because it’s named after a legendary volcano located in Indonesia.

Having fun with Jokamel and his Diamonds

I got back into playing some Pokemon Diamond on my DeSmuME this evening, and I have managed to evolve two of the Tyrogue that I caught last night into Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, which I nicknamed them Bruce and Jackie after the two famous movie actors that were karate experts back then:

I think I’ll plan on doing some Pokemon Pearl while my family and I are on a road trip because I need to build up some progress since it’s been a long time and I’ve only got past the beginning in that game.

Monday Monday Monday Night Open Thread

There’s nothing much for me to blog about tonight because I was too tired to do so. I have finally managed to reach 300 species of Pokémon in Pokémon Diamond on my Nintendo DS emulator, and now I just need to hope for about 265 species owned in this game so I that I can move on to Pokémon Pearl in hopes of trying to beat that.

So we’ll see how my life goes after I survive two days of my work week which is Tuesday and Wednesday. Open Thread.

I Heart Shiny Pokémans

Sorry for not posting yesterday because I’ve been getting too tired to blog about something. Anyways, I’ve been playing some more Pokémon Diamond and guess what I found while leveling up my Pokémans?

It was a Pelipper, which is a 3rd generation evolution Pokémon of Wingull, but it’s a shiny one because it has three green digits on each of its wings instead of blue. Its feet with three webbed digits are also green instead of blue.

I felt so excited after catching that shiny creature. 🙂

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new Pokémon League Champion!

Last night I finally managed to beat Pokémon Diamond after reaching my way to the Hall of Fame after defeating the Sinnoh Elite Four members and their Champion. 🙂

My six Pokémon that made their way to the Hall of Fame are Sub-Zero the Weavile, Tomala the Crobat, Morty the Floatzel, Jenny the Luxray, Beavis the Rapidash, and last but certainly not least is my starter Pokémon Donatello the Torterra.

I was so excited after being victorious in this game, and I enjoyed the credits while listening to the credits theme song. Oh, and I what I like about both this and Pokémon Pearl is it shows the word ‘Fin’ (which means ‘End’ in French) after finishing the credits which I find that quite interesting.

And now for no strange reason here’s a Pokémon that I caught on the 20th day of April in the year of 2020:

I got new Pokémans! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

I awoke from my sleep earlier this morning to play some more Pokemon Diamond after getting done eating my breakfast, and guess what I’ve been doing lately?

I finally encountered a wild Munchlax from a honey tree, and I successfully managed to catch it with a single Poké Ball attempt. It was a male Munchlax, and I decided to name him Gaben which is named after my male Snorlax from Pokémon Leaf Green Version for the Game Boy Advance:

The reason why I nicknamed him Gaben is because that is based on the nickname given to Gabe Newell. 😛

The Great Underground Treasure Hunt

I found the red spheres.

Yesterday I decided to get out my Explorer Kit to go underground treasure hunting in Pokemon Diamond, and so far I managed to find a huge mound of colorful spheres, some fossils, and other kinds of treasure while disarming some traps along the way. I also spent some spheres to a Hiker who’s giving out Secret Room Goods and got myself a giant Snorlax doll and a Research Shelf. Sweet! 😀

And what I like about the Underground is the treasured plates of some Pokemon types that boosts the power of some attack moves. Here’s a few of them that I’ve found:

Mind Plate (Psychic-type)

Iron Plate (Steel-type)

Splash Plate (Water-type)

Either way, it was a lot of fun trying to dig up the underground treasures. 🙂

Pokemon Egg Hatchery Time

Been doing some egg-hatching progress in Pokemon Diamond lately after defeating the 7th gym leader Candice and other various trainers, and I’ve managed to hatch two eggs that contain Riolu on one which was given by a guy named Riley and Hippopotas on the other which was given by the elderly Day Care couple. 😀

So now I just need to hatch the third egg which will take quite some time doing it, but I’m gonna take a break on that for right now until I feel like egg hatching again. 🙂

Pikachu, I snooze you!!!

I dug back into some Pokemon Diamond on my Nintendo DS emulator last night, and I managed to defeat two more Gym leaders known as Maylene and Crasher Wake (more like Crasher Cake 😛 ). So far I have obtained four badges and made some good Pokedex progress by catching various types of Pokemon that I haven’t even seen in-game before like Skorupi and Carnivine (both located in the Great Marsh) 🙂

Now I just need find a way to get to the Team Galactic HQ so I can search for Dawn’s Pokedex, which she accidentally dropped on the ground somewhere in Veilstone City and was stolen by Team Galactic. Uh-oh!

But either way, it was fun destroying opposing trainers and Gym leaders. 🙂

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