Friday Evening Sprite Sheetery Fun Time

I’ve been ripping and submitting some sprite sheets of the Nintendo DS variety this evening, and here’s a sprite sheet that got approved in the Spriters Resource website yesterday:

I remember watching this movie with my family back when I was a teenager but I didn’t even know it was made into a game for the Nintendo DS. I would love to try out the game someday in the future. 😉

Latest SFM Artwork Project of the Day

Been doing some more SFM lately, and I made this artwork project of my unique Pokemon Trainer characters hugging street signs during their tour around the city while there’s other characters around like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Mewtwo riding its anti-gravity flaming steak, and most importantly… Godzilla going on a city rampage but nobody gives a damn about it. 😛

More SFM artwork projects will be published shortly. So stay tuned!

Princess Anna does the Kazotsky Kick

After I got done watching my friend Tomala’s latest live stream on YouTube, I decided to make my latest hand drawn picture of Princess Anna doing the Kazotsky Kick (also known as the Soldier of Dance):

The reason why I made that is because I was thinking about getting a Kazotsky Kick taunt from the TF2 market one of these days, and also because Anna is one of my most favorite female Disney princesses. 🙂

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