Current SFM Mood: Dirty Dancing Redux

Last night I decided to remaster my SFM artwork project of a Demoman from TF2 doing the Conga dance in the LOLcano while wearing a princess outfit colored in pink:

The reason why I put this up is because my father gave me that idea for that project a few months ago. More SFM artwork will be uploaded shortly either the tomorrow or the day my weekend begins. But in the meantime, I’ll be heading off to Dreamsville and dream about hanging out with my own versions of Pokรฉmon Trainers on some fantastic cartoonish adventure.

Princess Anna does the Kazotsky Kick

After I got done watching my friend Tomala’s latest live stream on YouTube, I decided to make my latest hand drawn picture of Princess Anna doing the Kazotsky Kick (also known as the Soldier of Dance):

The reason why I made that is because I was thinking about getting a Kazotsky Kick taunt from the TF2 market one of these days, and also because Anna is one of my most favorite female Disney princesses. ๐Ÿ™‚

Screwing around in Scribblenauts!

Last night, I was screwing around in Scribblenauts and I created some people on my own, like I created the two Nicki Minaj princesses that are sometimes on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’:


They’re sitting on their beach chairs with Ellen. This is what they look like in real life:

sophiagraceandrosiepic (144)

I also added an adjective to one of Maxwell’s brothers, Jack.


One more thing before I go, I also added adjectives to different objects. Here’s what I did:

2016-02-17_00004 (2)

2016-02-17_00003 (2)



I got the idea from the funny bot names on our Team Fortress 2 servers.


Well, back to screwin’ off. XD

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