Time for yet another round of SFM

Been finishing up my latest project in SFM, and here’s a screenshot of what I’ve been working on:

This is called The Cool Staredown, it’s kind of like a victory move where the good guys defeat their enemies just by staring them down. I’ll plan on doing some more SFM as soon as my next round of weekend begins.

My Simply Fabulous Japanese Vacation with the Combine

Been toying around on some SFM lately since it’s been awhile, and here’s what I’ve been doing for my next project:

This is a picture of me enjoying my vacation in Japan with two friendly Combine soldiers who are happy to visit me while my own version of Batman shows up and starts spying on me because he’s Batman. 😛

Sunday Late Night Open Thread

Been playing around with my PAC editor in GMod lately, and I decided to make my new costume for my Princess Anna player model known as Bubble Anna. This costume also come with some colors too like red, blue, purple, etc.

I’ll be planning on making some more new costumes from the PAC editor either tomorrow or during my next weekend. But for now, I wanted to show you my latest GMod artwork that I’ve made the other day:

I got new GMod costumes yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

I’ve been toying around with the PAC editor for my latest player costumes in GMod. Here are a few screenshots of what I’ve been making:

Robot Chicken Fairy Princess Anna

Deadmau5’s Cousin

Jughead Anna

This costume is called Mother Time. I made this from awhile back.

So the next time my friends and I play GMod I got these costumes ready for dressing up. 😛

Operation Musical Hard Drives is a success

My new hard drives have arrived and they’ve been installed on my computer so that I have lots of free disk space to put Steam games, pictures and other things. I can now finally install Mortal Kombat 11 to my Steam drive with lots of free space. I noticed that the game takes up 90 gigs to install it, but it only took about an hour to finish installing.

So anyways, I am now happy with my new hard drives that contains a huge amount of free space. 🙂

Time for a new GMod background photo

I uploaded my latest GMod artwork for tonight on Steam. It was me happily hugging a Combine Elite soldier wearing a shiny red soldier helmet inside a Japanese high school:

The reason why is because the Combine Elite are my most favorite kind of Combine soldiers in the Half-Life 2 series. Oh, and what I like about them are their white helmets with a single red ocular lens and two small domes located where the ears of the soldier would be, their stylistic white uniforms with neck guards, and their slick black boots that they’re all wearing. I also like the insignias from the chest, the left arm sleeve and the uniform’s neck guard.

In tonight’s post: How NOT to play Quake

I decided to get back into some Quake but instead I’m inside a Quake map in GMod. While I’m in there I made my new background pic of what I’ve been working on lately:

It was me resurrecting a Quake 2 Tank Commander from the dead and adopting it as my heavily armored and armed pet of destruction. 😛 Plus I got more where that came from on my Steam profile if anyone of you Slackers are interested.

Battle of the GMod Background Art Fotoz

I decided to create my own GMod background artwork this afternoon since their main menu background contest has begun a little before 8 o’ clock in the morning. Here’s what I’ve been working on lately:

It was me and my friends Tomala, Yutram and Lil’ Queef all dressed in our own costumes on a Combine vehicle while Ronald McDonald pops out from the pits of hell. More GMod artwork will be on the way if I’ve got enough time for the night, and tomorrow I’ll be working on drawing some artwork that includes Mother’s Day which lands on the 10th of May. 🙂

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