Benchmarking Fun with 3DMark

Once again there wasn’t much to write about, but I decided to do some more benchmarking with 3DMark on my PC while I was watching Rachael Ray earlier this afternoon just to score some achievements, and so far I have obtained three of them: One for getting a good score for my hardware, another for getting an excellent score for my hardware, and the third for running all four DirectX 12 Ultimate feature tests. 🙂 Now I’ll have to wait on getting more 3DMark achievements in another time because I found one for running a benchmark between Midnight and 6 o’ clock in the morning, and also another for running Time Spy Extreme on New Year’s Day in which I somehow missed that achievement this year because I got sidetracked by chores and real life.

Oh well, guess I’ll wait ’til next year to get that ‘New Year’s Resolution’ achievement I’m hoping for.

Experiencing Technical Hardware Difficulties

There’s nothing much to write about for tonight. My tablet’s USB keyboard decided to go tits up earlier this afternoon while I was getting ready for work. My father tried his best to do anything to experiment it such as swapping out my USB keyboard with his, pushing out new updates and rebooting the system but Windows still could not recognize my keyboard even while illuminated, which was weird as hell. 😕

So we had no choice but to buy myself a new Bluetooth keyboard for my tablet so that it’ll be back in business before my family and I can take and go on a road trip to go visit our friendly family members. 🙂

Wednesday Night Open Thread: Testing… Testing… 1-2-3…

My new computer case had arrived the other day, and I got my main system up and running with a fresh install of Windows 10 with all my stuff including game backups (except for all my save games for all my Nintendo DS emulator games which are now lost) still on my computer. My father even installed the latest Office and some other things like Discord, Shotcut and Norton.

So far everything is running good and stable… for now.

My new gaming keyboard has arrived

My apologies for not posting for the couple of days because I’ve been too tired and getting hardly any sleep due to our neighbors being rude, obnoxious and loud while I was trying to get some sleep. Either way, my sis brought me a brand new Logitech gaming keyboard the other day. It was a Logitech Prodigy G213 gaming keyboard, and I seem to like it so far.

She even installed a Logitech G Hub program on my computer so that I can configure some things such as changing light colors of my keyboard and mouse. I am now happy with my new gaming keyboard so that I can add certain commands in various games such as TF2, Half-Life 2, etc. 🙂

Operation Musical Hard Drives is a success

My new hard drives have arrived and they’ve been installed on my computer so that I have lots of free disk space to put Steam games, pictures and other things. I can now finally install Mortal Kombat 11 to my Steam drive with lots of free space. I noticed that the game takes up 90 gigs to install it, but it only took about an hour to finish installing.

So anyways, I am now happy with my new hard drives that contains a huge amount of free space. 🙂

Playing a Game of Musical Hard Drives

Tonight was very quiet than the last couple nights ago due to our neighbors being very loud and rudely obnoxious. Anyways, I’ve been spending some time looking for things at the Valve store the other day, and I was thinking about getting a new gaming mousepad for myself once my PayPal account is set up and ready for spending, and I’ll also plan on buying a couple TF2 t-shirts from the Valve store for another time.

So now that all the things have already been copied over to the new hard drives, tomorrow my dad and I will be spending some time tearing apart my computer to swap out my old hard drives and replace them with new ones so that I can have a big amount of free space to put Steam games on and other things. That means I’ll be temporarily away from my headquarters for a while once everything goes smooth with my new hard drives on my computer.

My belated birthday package has arrived!

My father Ivan Fookinov and my sister Tomala gave me a belated birthday gift; a Pyle desk mount for my Blue Snowball microphone. She hooked it all up on to my computer desk.

After everything was set up I decided to do some testing on my mic while playing around some random community servers in TF2. I’m very satisfied with my new mic overall. I can use it to chat with my friends on Mumble, and record my own other projects and sounds. 🙂

I have also been recording some video footage of different games like TF2, Borderlands 2, Left 4 Dead 2, etc. Now I just need to plan on a project that provides voice-overs of various characters like the Heavy, Ellis, etc.

Saturday Evening Open Thread: Hard Drive Switcheroonie

Sorry for not posting much for the last few days. Yesterday I’ve been copying more than 250GB of Steam games and other stuff off of my old hard drives and into my new ones, and also relocating my stuff from my Quick Access library after finishing copying files.

So far everything on my computer appears to be behaving normally after doing the hard drive swap. 🙂 So now I just need to re-link the Steam game paths, move a few games from one Steam drive to the other to free up space and whatnot.

Either way, open thread!

Windows 10 Virus Edition

I ran into some strange problems after updating my computer the other day. It was taking a long time to get to the lock screen, and when I try to type in my password for my account it comes up with an error saying it was the wrong password because it was a taking its time storing my password. So I must wait a little longer before trying logging in again. Then as soon I logged into my account I got a black screen and saw an error message saying ‘C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\Desktop is unavailable.’, so I checked my SSD for data corruption and it appears that it’s in good condition.

I was unable to get access to everything, and every time I try open any program an error message pops up saying ‘An attempt was made to reference a token that does not exist.’ So I tried rolling back to the previous version, but unfortunately that was a no-go. Luckily I found a perfect solution to get access is by pressing Ctrl+R to open up a Run program and type in ‘cmd.exe’ to open Command Prompt, and I used it to launch the Windows 10 Update Installer.

So now everything is up-to-date, and none of my stuff got corrupted from the update failure. 🙂

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