Having fun with Jokamel and his Diamonds

I got back into playing some Pokemon Diamond on my DeSmuME this evening, and I have managed to evolve two of the Tyrogue that I caught last night into Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, which I nicknamed them Bruce and Jackie after the two famous movie actors that were karate experts back then:

I think I’ll plan on doing some Pokemon Pearl while my family and I are on a road trip because I need to build up some progress since it’s been a long time and I’ve only got past the beginning in that game.

I got new Pokémans! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

I awoke from my sleep earlier this morning to play some more Pokemon Diamond after getting done eating my breakfast, and guess what I’ve been doing lately?

I finally encountered a wild Munchlax from a honey tree, and I successfully managed to catch it with a single Poké Ball attempt. It was a male Munchlax, and I decided to name him Gaben which is named after my male Snorlax from Pokémon Leaf Green Version for the Game Boy Advance:

The reason why I nicknamed him Gaben is because that is based on the nickname given to Gabe Newell. 😛

Thursday Evening Open Thread + A Lil’ Bit of TF2 Fun Time

Today’s weather turned out to be nice than last couple days ago. My sister Tomala made some delicious shrimp pasta for dinner this evening along with cooked vegetables which are diced bell peppers, onions and corn. Unfortunately I didn’t have a picture of it because I was too busy enjoying my food, but it was really good food by the way. 🙂

After I got done eating dinner I decided to have fun by playing TF2, and I have sold enough garbage to purchase some new stuff from the Steam market:

This hat for the Heavy was purchased in the Steam market four days ago.

I’ve had such a good time playing around with various people on random online community servers tonight. Enjoy this open thread!

Alxala Does Everything

I’m a sailboat-sized goat. 😛

Last month I’ve been playing a game on Steam called Everything. It’s a simulation game where you can explore different areas by ascending and/or descending them and become various objects along the way including nature animals, flowers, bugs, etc.

The gameplay and graphics look nice in this game, and what I like about this is I can transform into anything I want and the ‘8’ key that commands me and other joined objects dance around so that they can spawn newborn baby objects while holding down the ‘8’ key.

Rats, we’re rats, we’re the rats.

What I also like about it is I can sing to other objects by pressing the space bar to make them like me. Cool! 🙂

I am one attractive Buttercup.

I’d say this is an enjoyable game for exploring around the world and look for thousands of objects that need to be added to the list of Everything. So far I have managed to get about a quarter of Everything, and I have unlocked almost half of the achievements in this game too. I think I’ll plan on getting back into this game someday whenever I feel like playing it.

In tonight’s post: Epic Fails on Ellen’s ‘Game of Games’

After I played some Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and a few other games that I’ve recently played like Portal Stories: Mel, Quake and Tomb Raider, I was watching a video from the Ellen DeGeneres Show that includes various ‘Game of Games’ contestants giving the wrong answers and failing miserably:

I lol’d at the one part right at the very end where a female contestant plays a game called Hot Hands, where you can win money by guessing the correct name of the famous celebrity shown in the picture, but she fails to reach $100,000 and tells Ellen she’s sorry so many times because she doesn’t know any correct celeb names just about. 😛

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