I’m Der Champion Of Splitz!!!

Oh joy! 5,000 bonus points!!!

I have decided to come back to playing Splitz for the Game Boy, and I managed to clear the last four levels and beat the game. Here are the last few famous celebrities in those levels:

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Level 7

Ronald Reagan in Level 8

King Tutankhamun in Level 9

After completing the third and final bonus level of the game, I took on the final level where I must assemble a puzzle picture of this female royalty:

Queen Victoria in Level 10

The last level was quite challenging but I finally mastered it after losing a single life and reached the end of the game with the final score of 166,000 points. Hooray!

So yeah, I enjoyed playing this fun game but man that was intense. But what sucks about this game is that it was never released in America. Oh well, at least it was fun. 😉

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