Some Wednesday Night Sprite Sheetifications

I decided to come back to making more sprite sheets and submitting them over to the Spriters Resource website this evening. Here’s a SGB frame that I ripped the other day:

This is from a Japanese game called Nintama Rantarou GB: Eawase Challenge Puzzle. And yes, I did try out that puzzle game and it was really fun but hard to master. 😉

Now I’m at the point where I’m inching closer to 1,900 sprite sheets of the Game Boy type. Goodnight ladies and gentlemen!

Have Some Super Game Boy Frames

I’ve been ripping even more sprite sheets over to the Spriters Resource website, and here’s a sheet that got confirmed the other day along with the other three Game Boy sheets:

These are the Super Game Boy Frames from the Japanese GB puzzle game called Rock’n! Monster!!

I also got four more of my sprite sheets approved yesterday, and I just submitted four more of them tonight. Now I’m at the point where I should cross my fingers and hope that none of my sprite sheets get rejected. Stay tuned!

I’m Der Champion Of Splitz!!!

Oh joy! 5,000 bonus points!!!

I have decided to come back to playing Splitz for the Game Boy, and I managed to clear the last four levels and beat the game. Here are the last few famous celebrities in those levels:

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Level 7

Ronald Reagan in Level 8

King Tutankhamun in Level 9

After completing the third and final bonus level of the game, I took on the final level where I must assemble a puzzle picture of this female royalty:

Queen Victoria in Level 10

The last level was quite challenging but I finally mastered it after losing a single life and reached the end of the game with the final score of 166,000 points. Hooray!

So yeah, I enjoyed playing this fun game but man that was intense. But what sucks about this game is that it was never released in America. Oh well, at least it was fun. 😉

More Game Boy Fun With Splitz

I’ve been playing some more Splitz on a gorgeous sunny day, and I have conquered three more levels in this game. Here are three more pictures of celebrities that I have assembled in those levels:

Marilyn Monroe in Level 4

John Wayne in Level 5

Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, in Level 6

I even mastered the next bonus level and earned an extra life. So now I’m at the point where I’m halfway there to beating this game. 🙂

Uh-Oh! I Got The Splitz!!

I’ve been checking out Splitz for the Game Boy. It’s a remake of the 1986 computer game Split Personalities where you can push pieces horizontally or vertically with the goal being to recreate a picture which can be shown at any time by pressing the B button. Here’s a picture of the gameplay:

However; the player will lose a life if a puzzle is not completed fast enough or the bomb explodes after five seconds. Anyways, I managed to clear the first three levels including the first bonus level:

Abraham Lincoln in Level 1

Albert Einstein in Level 2

Elvis Presley in Level 3

First Bonus Level Completed!

I might have to come back into playing this game because it’s really fun but extremely difficult to master. 🙂

Fun With Bookworm For The Game Boy Advance

I found a GBA game that looks similar to Scrabble Blast, and that is Bookworm. It’s a puzzle game where the objective is to link letters and create words to feed the hungry bookworm while trying to keep the fiery red letters from reaching the bottom of your library or else the game is over. Also, you’ll be rewarded with bonus letters if you make long words. Here’s the gameplay of what I’m talking about:

I’m currently at level 15 right now, and I’ve been currently ranked Editor after completing the previous level:

I think this will be a good place to do a checkpoint because I’m heading off to rippify some sprite sheetifications. Goodnight!

Current Gaming Mood: Mighty Beanz Pocket Puzzle

I’ve been playing around with some Mighty Beanz Pocket Puzzles tonight. It’s a puzzle game for the GBA where you must swap and combine pieces of the Beanz together to successfully match their upper and lower halves to make them whole again. The more you match, the more points you score in this game. Here’s a screenshot of the gameplay:

I have now reached level 4 in this game, and I think I’ll plan on taking a break to play this game until I feel like it.

The stats in this game will show your current score, how much time taken, combos and number of Beanz after you complete a level. It’s a really fun puzzle game for the GBA, and I’m happy with that. 🙂

Having fun in Stinking With Slime Machine

Yesterday I played a Portal 2 mod called Thinking With Time-Machine, where you’ll find and use a Time Machine to record what you’re doing by hitting the R key, Q to stop recording, and F to create a twin of yourself that can help you solve various test chambers along the way:

Oh, and here’s a couple of pictures that are quite epic:

I think the captain on the ship fell asleep. 😛

I want one of those old records. 😛

I’d say this is a great mod for me, but I think I’ll get back into this some more whenever I feel like playing it. 🙂

If you want to get this free game on Steam, then feel free to check it out by clicking on this link:

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