Monday Evening Open Thread: SFM Ramblings

There’s not much to write about for tonight. I’ve been working on two artwork projects in SFM lately. My one project is almost finished and the other is halfway finished so far because I need to work on some camera angling, lighting and character movements but I’ll continue doing that either tomorrow or the next day after depending on whether or not my bonus day of my nightmare begins.

Open Thread.

Monday Late Night Open Thread + I drew Pennywise

It was a great night. San_San, Tomala and I went to the theater to watch the first chapter of the movie called It. We didn’t get scared, but we did laugh at some parts of the movie though. 😀 Oh, and speaking of the movie, I drew a picture of Pennywise the clown and red balloon behind him:

Now we just need to wait for Chapter Two of the movie to come out.

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