Some Wednesday Night Sprite Sheetifications

I decided to come back to making more sprite sheets and submitting them over to the Spriters Resource website this evening. Here’s a SGB frame that I ripped the other day:

This is from a Japanese game called Nintama Rantarou GB: Eawase Challenge Puzzle. And yes, I did try out that puzzle game and it was really fun but hard to master. 😉

Now I’m at the point where I’m inching closer to 1,900 sprite sheets of the Game Boy type. Goodnight ladies and gentlemen!

Have Some Super Game Boy Frames

I’ve been ripping even more sprite sheets over to the Spriters Resource website, and here’s a sheet that got confirmed the other day along with the other three Game Boy sheets:

These are the Super Game Boy Frames from the Japanese GB puzzle game called Rock’n! Monster!!

I also got four more of my sprite sheets approved yesterday, and I just submitted four more of them tonight. Now I’m at the point where I should cross my fingers and hope that none of my sprite sheets get rejected. Stay tuned!

I Made Some More Sprite Sheets

Last night I was ripping some Super Game Boy borders of the FIFA Soccer variety. Here are four of them that got approved in the Spriters Resource website:

And yes, I did try out all four of those FIFA Soccer games. They’re alright, but I quickly lost interest in them. Anyways, I’m almost at 2,400 sprite sheets right now and I submitted tonight’s batch of sprite sheets. Stay tuned!

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