Aiming For A Million Dollars

I decided to check out Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: 2nd Edition for the Game Boy Color! It’s based off of the TV game show where the objective is to correctly answer all 15 questions in a row and win $1,000,000 just like the show.

You have three life lines which are 50/50, Phone-a-Friend and Poll the Audience in case you get stuck on a question that you don’t know just like the show. Anyways, I’ve mastered all 15 questions and won a paycheck of $1,000,000. Hooray! ๐Ÿ˜€

After the game is over, the leaderboard will pop up and show you your score:

That was a fun game to play. I just wish the money was real. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Some More Sprite Sheet Fun Time

Sorry for the lack of posting. I have been uploading some more sprite sheets to the Spriters Resource website lately. Here’s one of them:

This is my sprite sheet of the opening cutscenes and title screen used in Harry Potter 2, a bootleg game for the Game Boy Color. Click here to check out this sheet from there.

EDIT: The game, movies and books are good but the person who came up with that title name was an evil witch.

In tonight’s game: Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter

Last night I was checking out Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter for the Game Boy Color. It’s a hunting game where the objective is to hunt down wild animals such as deer, elk, sheep and bears as much as you can before the sun goes down and the hunt will be over. Here’s what the gameplay looks like:

You wander around the outside area to find the wild animal’s footprints and hunt them down with your weapon you’ve selected.

The shot result screen will pop up when you hunt down a wild animal with a successful shot. The more wild animals added to the trophy room, the more chance there is to become the Rocky Mountain trophy hunter:

After my hunt ended I managed to kill sixteen wild animals and achieved the highest rank of all:

I’d say this could be an excellent hunting game for me, and now I’m off to find something new (old). ๐Ÿ™‚

Late Night Sprite Sheet Roundup

I’ve been making more sprite sheets and then uploading them to the Spriters Resource website lately. Here’s a couple of them:

These are the sprites used in the American and Japanese versions of Pokรฉmon Trading Card Game for the Game Boy Color. I remember playing this game from awhile back, it’s an alright game but definitely not in my wheelhouse.

Having Fun with Caesars Palace Too

I’ve been playing some Caesars Palace II for the Game Boy Color this evening. This is a sequel to Caesars Palace, and it’s similar to the original. But this time you play as an unnamed male protagonist which can be named. You start out with $2,000 and are later given a $10,000 credit limit by the cashier:

After that, you can walk around the casino floor to choose which game you wish to play.

Big 6

Video Poker



Video Poker Hold’em/Stud Challenge

Unlike the first Caesars Palace game, you must win enough money to enter high roller areas. Which means the more money you accumulate, the more fancy-looking your character’s clothes will be. So far I have entered all the high roller areas, wore the most fanciest clothes, and reached over one millions dollars. Awesome!

I just wish the money and the fancy clothes were real. ๐Ÿ™‚

I Got The Monopoly Fever

Been playing an old-school board game Monopoly (not for the PC) with my mother San_San earlier this afternoon since it’s been a long time for the both of us. San_San chose Dog as her game piece because she gets the Dog just about every game on Monopoly, and I went for the Shoe as my game piece. We have been collecting various property assets in hopes of getting a Monopoly, buying houses and hotels, and paying rent money to each other for about an hour. But in the end, I am the winning champion of Monopoly because San_San was on St. James Place and she rolled 7 on the dice and then landed on my red-colored property Indiana Avenue for the third time which she owed me $1,050 for rent with a hotel on the property but she declared bankruptcy because she didn’t have enough money to pay me after she sold her houses and mortgaged all of her properties.

Then I get to put the Monopoly game away as part of my great victory. It sure was fun playing that game. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe next time we play Monopoly we should con my sister Tomala to join us.

Oh, and speaking of, here’s a picture of a ‘Player Bankrupt’ cutscene from Monopoly for the Game Boy Color but I replaced the Monopoly guy’s pants with a pink skirt and the Monopoly guy’s face with a female face with pink hair and ponytail to make it look like San_San’s face:

Credit goes to Nintendo and Parker Brothers for the ‘Player Bankrupt’ cutscene picture.

Yep, it sure was fun being a good thousandaire in this game. ๐Ÿ™‚

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