Having fun in Stinking With Slime Machine

Yesterday I played a Portal 2 mod called Thinking With Time-Machine, where you’ll find and use a Time Machine to record what you’re doing by hitting the R key, Q to stop recording, and F to create a twin of yourself that can help you solve various test chambers along the way:

Oh, and here’s a couple of pictures that are quite epic:

I think the captain on the ship fell asleep. 😛

I want one of those old records. 😛

I’d say this is a great mod for me, but I think I’ll get back into this some more whenever I feel like playing it. 🙂

If you want to get this free game on Steam, then feel free to check it out by clicking on this link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/286080/Thinking_with_Time_Machine/

The Fart Where He Smells You

I decided to dig into some Portal 2 yesterday, and I have now reached Chapter 9, “The Part Where He Kills You”:

I even got an achievement for this too. 🙂 This is the part where Wheatley tries to kill the player by using death traps like defective turrets, spike crushers and spinning sawblades. But I think I’ll take a break until I feel like playing this game again. 😉

Some Portal 2 Stuff + Flower Shoggoth Rises To The Top

I decided to play some Portal 2 since it’s been awhile, and I made my way to Chapter 6 which is The Fall after dealing with GLaDOS. She is now a potato battery:

I think I’ll do more of that whenever I feel like it. 🙂 On another note I did get an achievement for saving this turret from redemption:

Oh, one more thing before I post this. I checked out the Scribblenauts Unlimited workshop after playing Portal 2, and somehow my Flower Shoggoth got all the way to the top of the first page:

I was super fascinated when I see that. 😀

Portal 2 Fun Time Open Thread

I played some Portal 2 yesterday, and so far I have completed a few tests including deadly lasers and turrets in Chapter 3 after meeting Wheatley and GLaDOS in the first two. Here are some screenshots of what I’ve been doing with the turrets:

Two turrets staring at the door.

Turret orgy. 😛

I was playing Dominoes with the turrets by dropping one on them. 😛

It was a lot of fun passing some tests. 😀 I think I’ll tear back into this game someday in hopes of reaching Chapter 4.

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