Sumthin’ ain’t right in Bawderlandz Tres

I discovered something weird yesterday. I was going to punch in a SHiFT code to get some keys in Borderlands 3 but as soon as I click on ‘Social’, my game decided to have a stroke because one of my hard drives that had Borderlands 3 and several other Steam games in it had gone offline. So now everything is working fine in Borderlands 3, and I even obtained the keys before the code has reached the expiration date. Thank goodness for that, and I also got the Daemon head customization last month. 🙂

But for now I’ll wait on a new set of SHiFT codes from Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel so that I can earn more keys and grab new guns, grenades, shields and class mods.

Experiencing Technical Hardware Difficulties

There’s nothing much to write about for tonight. My tablet’s USB keyboard decided to go tits up earlier this afternoon while I was getting ready for work. My father tried his best to do anything to experiment it such as swapping out my USB keyboard with his, pushing out new updates and rebooting the system but Windows still could not recognize my keyboard even while illuminated, which was weird as hell. 😕

So we had no choice but to buy myself a new Bluetooth keyboard for my tablet so that it’ll be back in business before my family and I can take and go on a road trip to go visit our friendly family members. 🙂

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