Wednesday Afternoon Bawderlands Open Threadening!

Today turned out to be a fairly decent day. I’ve been hearing loud sounds of weed wackers and lawnmowers in the background for about a few hours while I was working on my comic art project, which is about halfway done right now. I decided to take a break from making GMod pixel art and get my weaponry and gear all ready in Borderlands 2 with my friends since my sis Tomala is gonna be live streaming with our friends, but first we’re going to blow stuff up in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel before we can jump right into Borderlands 2 if we got enough time to do so.

So now the question is: What should I plan on doing inside my secret hamster headquarters on my day-off tomorrow?

We’ll find out when I have put something up on my blog tomorrow, so stay tuned and enjoy this open thread.

More fun with Bawderlands Too & Tee Eff Too

A few days ago I’ve been playing around some more Borderlands 2 doing my level grinding as usual when suddenly I found another new Bandit Technical skin customization:

Plus I grabbed some guns that are good for my friends, and I decided to put them in my stash located in Sanctuary and sell the old Level 31 guns for some money. Then I moved on to some TF2 just to blow up some stuff, and I took a screenshot of something strange while I was on a random 2Fort server. It was me playing as Heavy eating my banana but it didn’t do the animation of the Heavy taking a bite of his food for whatever reason:

I’ve never seen a glitch like this before. I saw that and was like ‘Ummm… Why on Earth am I not eating my banana while I’m gaining health?’. Anyways, after I got done playing TF2 I decided to sell enough pieces of junk to purchase the Airdog, a team-colored snowboarding helmet with tinted goggles for the Scout, from the Steam market after selling enough junk in my inventory. This cosmetic will go great with my Aloha Apparel to make the Scout look like Special Ed from Crank Yankers:

I’m going to Hawaii! Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Extreme Housecleaning Open Thread with some Bawderlands Dos gaming fun

I’ve got nothing much to blog about this evening. I’ve been doing some housecleaning lately since our landlord is coming over tomorrow at 4 o’ clock in the afternoon just to inspect inside our house to see if anything looks clean. I got all the dusting and carpet brushing out of the way, and I also wiped down my computer desk after giving it a good dusting. So now we just need to do a few more chores around the house such as clean the bathrooms and wipe up any dirty spots on the kitchen floor then it’ll be good to go.

Either way, I was playing some more Borderlands 2 lately and I got myself some more latest weaponry after spending a buttload of keys over at Sanctuary, and I also found a brand new Commando skin customization from a dead chubby spiderant located in The Dust:

I tried out that skin color customization on my Commando character and it looked quite fantastic. πŸ™‚

Friday Night Open Thread

It was a cold, rainy day earlier this evening. My family and I enjoyed some cheeseburgers and french fries for tonight’s dinner which was 100% delicious. πŸ™‚

After I got done eating dinner I decided to spend a buttload of Golden Keys for some latest weaponry and get rid of my old weapons in Borderlands 2. Oh, I also found a new Bandit Technical skin customization that I found located in The Dust:

I decided to keep some of my Level 37 weapons which I’ll be giving them to my sister Tomala the next time we blow stuff up in this game.

Open thread.

Hi-Ho to the Bawderlands I go

Been playing around some Borderlands 2 lately, and I finally managed to reach level 38 as Mechromancer. I’ve also been finding some good weaponry including a legendary weapon known as the Bunny, a Barbie-colored rocket launcher with an evil white rabbit painted on it, while I was doing some level grinding:

I decided to put this adorably deadly weapon in my stash safe located in Sanctuary, then I can give it to my dad Ivan_Fookinov when he reaches level 31 the next time the Slackers gamers blow stuff up in this game. πŸ™‚

Monday Evening Open Thread

My sister Tomala made some biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs and tri tip steak for breakfast earlier this morning:

She also made hot white watermelon tea to go along with our breakfast:

Then I jumped back into playing some more Borderlands 2 this evening just to up myself a bit, and so far I’m getting closer to Level 38 as Mechromancer. πŸ™‚ After I got done playing, I used a little bit of Borderlands 2 video footage in Shotcut to make an animated GIF of a Spiderant Queen minding its own business when suddenly it got blown up by a single sniper bullet up its thorax:

Either way, my Dad will go to the bank tomorrow to pick up some money and then my dad and I will run over to Fred Meyer to do our soda can deposit so I can put two-thirds of my cash in my Steam wallet to buy some cool games in the Steam Winter Sale and keep one-third of my money in the bank.

Monday Night Open Thread + Fun with Bawderlands Dos

I apologize for not posting last couple days ago. I’ve been playing around some Borderlands 2 lately just to up myself a bit, and so far I’m about halfway to level 38 as Mechromancer after spending some golden keys on latest weaponry inside a treasure chest over at Sanctuary. I had such a good time blowing up enemies, things and what-not. πŸ™‚

Anyways, tomorrow I’m gonna be heading over to a local store with my father to do our soda can deposit if anything well as planned so that I can go ahead and buy some games from the Steam store during the Halloween Sale.

Enjoy this open thread and feel free to post comments about what Steam games you fellow Slackers are going to get while they’re on sale until November 1st.

Yet Another Evening Open Thread

Instead of continuing my comic that I made on a piece of paper a few month ago, I decided to create a new one using the Paint program and my mouse because my tablet wasn’t working for some reason, but it’ll be fixed eventually. So far I’ve got about one third of the project done, and I apologize for not putting one up from a couple years back. Oh, and I also apologize for not posting last couple days ago because I was too busy getting my work done like getting the last of the bark and pinecones in two separate buckets out of our backyard so that we can put down grass seed if the wind’s not too breezy.

Either way, once I fill in all the columns of what I’ve been thinking about on my comic project then I’ll come up with some good sentences of what people say from their call-outs.

But for now, I put together my old Borderlands 2 video footage and some nice text to create this β€˜Please Wait’ screen picture that I made for Tomala on her latest live stream of that game:

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