Some Summertime Fun With Borderlands 2

Death to all spiderants!

I decided to celebrate the first day of summer by playing some Borderlands 2, and I’ve spent a golden key on a couple of new splat guns before I set out on a journey to go guns blazing on some bad guys and evil creatures. Here are the screenshots of what I’m talking about:

I even got myself a new skin customization of the Fan Boat variety right here:

Well, my time is now up because I gotta get back to doing more gaming stuff before I’m done for tonight. See ya!

More Fun With Borderlands 2

I want that skull helmet and witch doctor’s shield inside that wooden Claptrap.

I’ve been battling some more bad guys in Borderlands 2 this evening, and here’s a weapon that I got after spending some golden keys the other day:

I also earned a couple of Dahl blaster rifles but I don’t have screenshots of those. So now is my time to take a break from this game and go do the bed thing. Ciao!

Coming Back To The Bawderlands… 2

This Badass Bullymong be chillaxin’.

I’ve been blowing more stuff up in Borderlands 2 tonight, and I got myself a few golden keys and a new Fan Boat skin customization.

I also obtained a new pistol after retrieving the golden keys but unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot for that because I was too busy shooting down dozens of enemies, and before I go I will show you this cute screenshot of two WAR loaders happily hugging each other in Eridium Blight:

Finally Coming Back To The Bawderlands… 2!

Nighty night, my queen.

I came back to playing a little bit of Borderlands 2 since it’s been a long time, and I snagged some SHiFT codes to get some keys and powerful loot. So now I have about 100 keys with a really huge mound of cash, and everything in the game seems to be running fine in 2K. Hooray! 🙂

And now for no reason at all, here’s another BL2 pic that I took from last year:

Sumthin’ ain’t right in Bawderlandz Tres

I discovered something weird yesterday. I was going to punch in a SHiFT code to get some keys in Borderlands 3 but as soon as I click on ‘Social’, my game decided to have a stroke because one of my hard drives that had Borderlands 3 and several other Steam games in it had gone offline. So now everything is working fine in Borderlands 3, and I even obtained the keys before the code has reached the expiration date. Thank goodness for that, and I also got the Daemon head customization last month. 🙂

But for now I’ll wait on a new set of SHiFT codes from Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel so that I can earn more keys and grab new guns, grenades, shields and class mods.

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