Coming back to the Bawderlandz… 2!

Been playing some Borderlands 2 lately, and I have reached level 40 as Mechromancer today after killing dozens and dozens of killer creatures like Spiderants, Scaylions and Drifters. So now I just need to wait for a new set of SHiFT codes that contain golden keys while I go out on an adventure killing more creatures with my simply fabulous weaponry, and I still got some sidequests that need to be completed but that’ll have to wait until the next time I join my friends Tomala and Yutram for a good game of Bawderlandz Dos. ๐Ÿ˜›

Current Gaming Mood: Max Payne 2

Instead of playing some TF2 or GMod I decided to play around some Max Payne 2 since it’s been a while. Although the game is Max Payne and you play as Max, for four levels you play as another character named Mona Sax. Here are some screenshots of things during the gameplay:

It’s an old game but what I like about Max Payne 2 are the ragdoll physics:

I have managed to battle my way against dozens of gun-toting cleaners including the boss cleaner named Kaufman. I made my way to the Prologue level in the Part 2 where Max Payne is at the police station. There he pays a visit to Mona Sax, who’s being locked up in a jail cell for murdering some cleaners.

Now to think about what to play next… ๐Ÿ˜›

Some December Fun with some Tee Eff Too

Been playing around some random community servers in TF2 with random people for the last couple days and I have received shiny Gunboats for the Soldier that someone sent me as a random gift. Awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€ I also earned an achievement this evening for killing 79 enemies that have Balloonicorn pets with them while I was blowing up stuff and receiving random item drops I already turned them into metal and so far I’m up to 3 refined metal right now.

I’ll plan on doing more of this once my weekend begins since I got to get ready to go to my nightmare shift in a few minutes and then I got one more tomorrow after that, so stick around and I shall return.

2 ssertroF maeT otni kcab gnitteG

Heheh, I’m best friends with Bob. ๐Ÿ˜›

My apologies for not posting a few days ago. I’ve been too busy playing on some community servers in TF2 the other day after surviving four nights of cleaning around the local store with the cleaning robot. I have been getting random items drop lately such as weapons and useless cosmetic cases which require keys to open the cases. I still have yet to make more scrap metal, but I’ll keep on playing TF2 until I find the proper weapon drops so that I destroy them into scrap metal.

Moar Tee Eff Too

Been playing around on a TF2 community server with some bots the other day. I was on a Double Cross map playing as Soldier on the BLU team with my Specialized Killstreak Rocket Launcher with Night Owl Mk.ii War Paint, and I have managed to get a longest killstreak of 120 without dying:

Plus I’ve also been playing as Heavy, Engineer and Demoman just to guard the team intelligence from the enemies. So far I’ve been doing really good on the classes that I’ve been playing as, and I’ve had a lot of fun destroying bots on the opposing team. ๐Ÿ™‚

Wednesday Afternoon Bawderlands Open Threadening!

Today turned out to be a fairly decent day. I’ve been hearing loud sounds of weed wackers and lawnmowers in the background for about a few hours while I was working on my comic art project, which is about halfway done right now. I decided to take a break from making GMod pixel art and get my weaponry and gear all ready in Borderlands 2 with my friends since my sis Tomala is gonna be live streaming with our friends, but first we’re going to blow stuff up in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel before we can jump right into Borderlands 2 if we got enough time to do so.

So now the question is: What should I plan on doing inside my secret hamster headquarters on my day-off tomorrow?

We’ll find out when I have put something up on my blog tomorrow, so stay tuned and enjoy this open thread.

Friday Night Open Thread

It was a cold, rainy day earlier this evening. My family and I enjoyed some cheeseburgers and french fries for tonight’s dinner which was 100% delicious. ๐Ÿ™‚

After I got done eating dinner I decided to spend a buttload of Golden Keys for some latest weaponry and get rid of my old weapons in Borderlands 2. Oh, I also found a new Bandit Technical skin customization that I found located in The Dust:

I decided to keep some of my Level 37 weapons which I’ll be giving them to my sister Tomala the next time we blow stuff up in this game.

Open thread.

Yet Another Evening Open Thread

Instead of continuing my comic that I made on a piece of paper a few month ago, I decided to create a new one using the Paint program and my mouse because my tablet wasn’t working for some reason, but it’ll be fixed eventually. So far I’ve got about one third of the project done, and I apologize for not putting one up from a couple years back. Oh, and I also apologize for not posting last couple days ago because I was too busy getting my work done like getting the last of the bark and pinecones in two separate buckets out of our backyard so that we can put down grass seed if the wind’s not too breezy.

Either way, once I fill in all the columns of what I’ve been thinking about on my comic project then I’ll come up with some good sentences of what people say from their call-outs.

But for now, I put together my old Borderlands 2 video footage and some nice text to create this โ€˜Please Waitโ€™ screen picture that I made for Tomala on her latest live stream of that game:

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