Coming Back To The Bawderlands… 2

This Badass Bullymong be chillaxin’.

I’ve been blowing more stuff up in Borderlands 2 tonight, and I got myself a few golden keys and a new Fan Boat skin customization.

I also obtained a new pistol after retrieving the golden keys but unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot for that because I was too busy shooting down dozens of enemies, and before I go I will show you this cute screenshot of two WAR loaders happily hugging each other in Eridium Blight:

Get Pinned By The Door Frame

I just remembered something while I was playing Max Payne from awhile back. Here’s a screenshot of a glitch where a Punchinello mobster was stuck on the door frame back in the fifth level of Part 1:

Yep, I’d thought that was a funny glitch right there. 😛 Oh, and speaking of Max Payne I should probably get back into this game one of these days and finish off the rest of the mercenaries, killer suits and the notoriously evil Nicole Horne.

Let’s Talk More About Max Payne

Oh no! The Killer Suits have murdered an off-screen terrorist.

After my family and I got back from getting vaccines shots and groceries last night, I decided to celebrate by playing some Max Payne since it’s been a long time.

I left off at Cold Steel factory where I fought against 187 mercenaries, then I made my way to the D-6 medical research facility with dozens of dead scientists. After that I escaped from the explosions that Michael Bay created, and then I ran into an evil DEA agent known as B.B., who awaits me in his own parking garage, and then I managed to murder him and his crew.

And now I’m at the point where I’m in the land of the blind. 😛

Bandits & Nosalises & Bourbon! Oh My!

I want your hockey mask, bro.

Last night I celebrated Halloween by coming back to doing Metro 2033 of the Redux variety since it’s been awhile. Last time I played it was about five and a half years ago, I was exploring the Lost Tunnels with my teammate Bourbon while surviving the attacks of bandits and nosalises along the way.

I AM standing still, you jackass! Don’t tell me what to do!

We survived and made our way to the Market station where I did some exploring around a little bit, traded my revolver for the Bastard gun (which kinda looks like a Sten gun to me) which I applied the heat sink attachment to stop the gun from overheating, and I even found another shooting range where you take challenges in there but I decided to skip it because I needed to build up my progress. However, I might check it out someday in the future whenever I feel like doing shooting challenges.

Next stop is the Dead City, where Bourbon and I set out on a mission to get to Dry Station, where bandits control it.


After Bourbon failed to catch me I went inside a couple of buildings to search for ranger stashes and hear the voices of the dead while surviving a horde of nosalises that are thirsty for my blood. I even found one of the Dark Ones right by the ranger hideout:

I’m about halfway through the Dead City right now, but I’ll plan on taking a break until I feel like continuing my mission for survival.

Coming back to the Bawderlandz… 2!

Been playing some Borderlands 2 lately, and I have reached level 40 as Mechromancer today after killing dozens and dozens of killer creatures like Spiderants, Scaylions and Drifters. So now I just need to wait for a new set of SHiFT codes that contain golden keys while I go out on an adventure killing more creatures with my simply fabulous weaponry, and I still got some sidequests that need to be completed but that’ll have to wait until the next time I join my friends Tomala and Yutram for a good game of Bawderlandz Dos. 😛

Current Gaming Mood: Max Payne 2

Instead of playing some TF2 or GMod I decided to play around some Max Payne 2 since it’s been a while. Although the game is Max Payne and you play as Max, for four levels you play as another character named Mona Sax. Here are some screenshots of things during the gameplay:

It’s an old game but what I like about Max Payne 2 are the ragdoll physics:

I have managed to battle my way against dozens of gun-toting cleaners including the boss cleaner named Kaufman. I made my way to the Prologue level in the Part 2 where Max Payne is at the police station. There he pays a visit to Mona Sax, who’s being locked up in a jail cell for murdering some cleaners.

Now to think about what to play next… 😛

Some December Fun with some Tee Eff Too

Been playing around some random community servers in TF2 with random people for the last couple days and I have received shiny Gunboats for the Soldier that someone sent me as a random gift. Awesome! 😀 I also earned an achievement this evening for killing 79 enemies that have Balloonicorn pets with them while I was blowing up stuff and receiving random item drops I already turned them into metal and so far I’m up to 3 refined metal right now.

I’ll plan on doing more of this once my weekend begins since I got to get ready to go to my nightmare shift in a few minutes and then I got one more tomorrow after that, so stick around and I shall return.

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