Some Super Sanic Spinball Shenanigans

I apologize for the lack of posting a couple days ago. Anyway, I decided to come back to playing some Sonic Spinball on my Steam Deck, and I was on level 3 which is the Machine. The third level is actually the robotic core of the Veg-O-Fortress that contains churning pistons, electrical arc furnaces, and massive electronics systems. There’s also a giant prison for animals in this level but I don’t have a screenshot of that, but I did set all the animals free from their cells. 🙂 Then I grabbed all five Chaos Emeralds after making dozens of failed attempts, so that I can challenge the Veg-O-Machine to a boss battle. As a result, I have successfully annihilated it and completed level 3:

I think I’ll plan on doing Bonus Level #3 the next time I feel like playing this game again.

TAAAAAAAANK! Oops, wrong game…

I’ve been playing around a little bit of a game that is like Need For Speed but with tanks, and that is Tank Racer. It’s a racing game where you can chose one of the four tanks and race through the tracks against seven computer-controlled tanks in the Cup and Single races. Here’s a screenshot of the gameplay:

This game is alright, but I’m stickin’ with the Need For Speed series. However; what I like about this game is it’s got awesome power-ups to pick up just like in Carmageddon, and I also like the stylistic in-game graphics. 😉

Evening Fun Time with Columns III

Last night I came back to playing Columns III on my Steam Deck, and I have managed to defeat two more monsters which are this skeleton (shown above) and a treasure chest monster.

After defeating them I have earned some treasure chest items such as hourglasses (used as continues) and a magic barrier. I might come back to this game again and fight against even tougher monsters.

More Steam Deck Fun with Sonic Spinball


I’ve been playing some more Sonic Spinball on my Steam Deck, and I finally obtained three blue emeralds and defeated the first boss in the game:

I even managed to master the first bonus game too:

Now that I’ve completed the first level, I’mma go take a break from this game until I feel like playing it again. 🙂

Steam Deck Fun with Kingdom: New Lands

I’ve been playing some Kingdom: New Lands on my Steam Deck lately, and I have managed to score two achievements the other day. One achievement for surviving day 10, and the other for clearing an acre of land by the seventh day.

I’m on day 15 right now, but I’ll take a break and plan on unlocking the ‘Day XV’ achievement the next time I come back to playing this game again. 🙂

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