Having Fun With BeamNG.drive

I’ve been checking out a soft-body physics vehicle simulation game called BeamNG.drive, and it’s a lot of fun racing around different cities and areas that include series of challenges ranged from super easy to extremely hard.

So far I have managed to complete a few easy challenges in Free Roam mode. There were also other modes like Light Runner and Time Trial in which I’ll check those out the next time I play. What I also like about this game is you can spawn any vehicle in-game and other things such as a giant soccer ball and a road sign. 😛 I also like about the photo editor mode just like in Carmageddon, so I can take cool pictures of my custom vehicles and other things in the scenery.

Now I’mma take a break from this game and head off to the Turbo Burger fast food restaurant to enjoy some delicious burgers before calling it a night.

Anyways, that is all.

Alxala Goes Underground

I’ve been testing out Need For Speed Underground under Windows 10 the other day, and so far the program and gameplay both seem to be behaving properly. The graphics and textures in this racing game are really nice, and what I like about this are the background sound effects, billboards and street signs. Here are a couple pictures of street signs in NFSU that are my most favorite:

The reason why I like the street signs is because they are much taller than the ones in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2. 🙂 I’d say this is still a good old-school racing game to me, but I think Hot Pursuit 2 is way better than this. Oh, and what I also like about NFSU is you can move the cursor around during a race, which I find that very interesting.

Feelin’ The Need For Speed

I decided to take a break from Bawderlands Dos and play around some Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2, a racing game where you have to race against opponent racers while trying to get away from the chasing cop cars as you complete through different races like Single Race, Lap Knockout, etc.

So far this old-school racing game seems to be running fine on my computer just like Need For Speed Underground, and I have managed to win two gold medals right off the bat in the Championship race branch and completed a few races in Single Challenge mode, which that part is what like about in this game. 🙂

And now for no strange reason here’s a screenshot of my most favorite street sign in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2:

The reason why is because I like the artwork, the background color and all the words on the sign in two font types which are Brush Script MT and Times New Roman. Oh, and another reason why is because I love lighthouses. 🙂

Having fun with Carmageddon: Max Damage

I decided to tear into some Carmageddon: Max Damage, and so far it didn’t have any problems at all which is good. I was going around killing peds by driving over them, wrecking my opponents, hunting down upgrade tokens, etc.  I took some screenshots that are extremely epic:

I believe I can fly…


Really nice lighthouse. 😀

I have managed to steal a bunch of cars from random opponents and unlocked about 11 chapters in Career Mode. I also got a bunch of achievements like the one for wrecking my first opponent, the other for buying and equipping 12 parts in the Parts Shop for one car, etc. 🙂 This game is bloody awesome just like the other Carmageddon games. I’ll think about playing more of this someday.

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