Out with the Old, In with the New

I was going through some old GMod screenshots, and I decided to turn one of them into my latest SFM project for tonight:

I was best friends with a cardboard doctor as the birds flutter around the sky, and the Heavy is Conga riding on a flying cardboard Heavy. Unfortunately I could not find the Queen Elsa and Princess Anna models in the workshop, but I did get those models from my sis Tomala the other day. So I had no choice but to put in the Scout as my main character in the project.

Yet Another Round of SFM

I finally came up something for my next project in SFM. Here’s what I’ve been working on lately:

It was a BLU Heavy doing the Conga and Kazotsky Kick taunt animations at the same time while dressed in a fairy princess outfit, boxing gloves and a Tomb Raider badge. He even has a really derpy look on his face while he’s dancing. 😛

Meet the Hand Drawn Heavy-Medic Combo

I forgot to put up my new artwork this evening because I was enjoying some store-brand pizza for dinner with my family. Either way, here’s what I’ve been working on lately:

It was a hand drawn picture of Officer Russell, an unconventional Russian police officer, and Nurse Janice, a female doctor who falls in love with Russell.

The reason why I put them up is because they’re based on my current Heavy and Medic loadouts in TF2.

Meet the Heavy’s Alter Ego

I forgot to put up my latest hand drawn TF2 artwork earlier this evening. It was a muscular Russian strongman known as Strongmann Sammy:

He has team-colored hair, he wears a pair of grey summer shades, and he has anchor tattoos on both his arms. The reason why I made that is because this is based on one of my current Heavy loadouts in TF2.

Christmas Time has arrived!

We had a friendly elderly guest of ours coming over to our house this evening for a visit, and we were chowing down some delicious Christmas dinner which is Tri Tip roast beef with baked potatoes, salad, dinner rolls, corn and artichoke casserole:

After we’re all done eating dinner we decided to celebrate the holiday by drinking a good round of B-52 Bomber cocktails, and then our guest sent us some presents that contain candy and gift cards. Not only did I get the Christmas candy and a $25 VISA gift card, I also got a brand new handheld flashlight. 🙂

And now for no weird reason here’s a TF2 screenshot that I took and made it out of something for the holiday:

Some TF2 Achievement Hunting

Been playing around some more community servers in TF2 lately, and I managed to obtain four achievements from yesterday. This first one I’ve got is the one for smashing an enemy’s head with your guitar as Engineer just like in this screenshot:

I have defeated that Heavy by smashing his head with my acoustic guitar. 😛

This next achievement I have unlocked is the one for blowing up an enemy with the grenade taunt kill from the Equalizer as Soldier:

Not only did I get this achievement, I also unlocked another one somehow for killing an enemy with the Equalizer before I land or just after landing while rocket jumping.

And last but not least, the last achievement I’ve got is the one for providing an enemy player with a freeze cam of myself doffing my hat as Sniper, except I wasn’t wearing a hat. I had my blonde hair on instead:

So yeah, I’ve had a great time scoring those achievements in-game. 🙂


Here’s another animated TF2 GIF that I created for tonight with the help of Shotcut since I’ve been playing that game lately:

It was me as a Sniper annihilating an enemy Heavy with a single full charged headshot. That Heavy was doing the headshot death animation after he lost all 300 of his health, and as the old saying goes: ‘The bigger they are, the harder they fall’. Of course, that is the name of the title of this animated picture that I just uploaded on Steam. 😛

Time to double the Poker Night Fever

Last night I played both Poker Night and Poker Night 2. I managed to obtain a Team Fortress 2 item; a special knife for the Heavy after winning Brock Samson’s orb. I also got some various achievements from both games. Here are some screenshots I took while playing around with them:

Better luck next time, Heavy Weapons Guy.

Victory is mine! 😀

Adios, Claptrap!

Oh no, now Brock is going apeshit after I won the tournament.

What I like about them are various poker table styles, and the decks like the Team Fortress 2 deck and the Venture Bros. deck. Cool! 😀 I’ll think about playing some more of those so that I can get more items from TF2 and Borderlands 2.

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