Current SFM Mood: Dirty Dancing Redux

Last night I decided to remaster my SFM artwork project of a Demoman from TF2 doing the Conga dance in the LOLcano while wearing a princess outfit colored in pink:

The reason why I put this up is because my father gave me that idea for that project a few months ago. More SFM artwork will be uploaded shortly either the tomorrow or the day my weekend begins. But in the meantime, I’ll be heading off to Dreamsville and dream about hanging out with my own versions of Pokémon Trainers on some fantastic cartoonish adventure.

Kickin’ @$$ and Takin’ Names in TF2

That RED intelligence got magically teleported to the BLU spawn base.

Decided to take a break on some SFM for right now and played on some random community servers in TF2 since it’s been awhile, and so far I’ve found quite a few drops and unlocked a couple achievements so far, and there were some people playing on the server that I’ve been playing on like the one person who plays as a Heavy with the Brass Beast, another one playing as a Soldier with a Quake rocket launcher and a Panic Attack shotgun, and also a Scout wearing a Mint-colored Bill’s hat with the same paint color as his other cosmetics that I couldn’t remember their names of them. We all had lots of fun playing the game to win. 🙂

As again, I will be planning doing some SFM either before I go to work tomorrow or by the time my next round of weekend begins.

Out with the Old, In with the New

I was going through some old GMod screenshots, and I decided to turn one of them into my latest SFM project for tonight:

I was best friends with a cardboard doctor as the birds flutter around the sky, and the Heavy is Conga riding on a flying cardboard Heavy. Unfortunately I could not find the Queen Elsa and Princess Anna models in the workshop, but I did get those models from my sis Tomala the other day. So I had no choice but to put in the Scout as my main character in the project.

Yet Another Round of SFM

I finally came up something for my next project in SFM. Here’s what I’ve been working on lately:

It was a BLU Heavy doing the Conga and Kazotsky Kick taunt animations at the same time while dressed in a fairy princess outfit, boxing gloves and a Tomb Raider badge. He even has a really derpy look on his face while he’s dancing. 😛

Current Mood: Dirty Dancing

Been toying around some SFM lately, and I guess what my next project for today is?

This one is called Dirty Dancing, where the Demoman wearing a Bill’s Hat and a Croft’s Crest badge doing a crazy dance with Mr. Happy showing up while holding the Scottish Resistance on his right hand. The reason why is because my father Ivan_Fookinov and sister Overlord Tomala came with that idea for my next project. I even updated my SFM poster from my Scout main to the Demoman doing a funny dance. 😛

Some fun with SFM

My sis Tomala has been helping me do certain features and things in Source Filmmaker. I can add new models, lights and other things in the map to make a poster and even publish the artwork of your work on Steam. I can also do face-posing and animations on some characters, resizing their body parts, etc.

Now I can simply enjoy adding sorts of characters and do crazy things to them like making their heads big and even shrink down their hands like what Tomala did to Donald Trump player model. 😛

Latest TF2 Hat Drop of the Day

Been playing around some TF2 lately, and guess what I got as a random item drop?

This Medic cosmetic consists of dark brown wavy hair with a large beige headband and a small team-colored headband that was worn around it. Now I just need to figure out what paint tool I should use for it. Probably gonna paint it Aged Moustache Grey if my PayPal account is all set up so that I can purchase the paint tool in the Steam market.

Flaming Hot Summer Afternoon Open Thread

It was a hot, sunny day today. I have been blowing up stuff in TF2 on a random Double Cross server with bots, and I found some more extra junk as item drops and decided to smelt them into tokens. So now I have 1 class token and 4 slot tokens, and I’m thinking about turning three of the slot tokens into reclaimed metal then save the 4th slot token along with my only class token for later.

After I got done playing TF2, I enjoyed my sub sandwiches from a local restaurant for dinner tonight since I already made my work lunch last night. So we’ll see how this goes during my work days.

Late Night TF2 Fun Time

Been playing around some more TF2 lately since a couple days ago was the game’s 13th birthday, and I’ve sold my first Summer 2020 cosmetic case and spent enough money to buy the Speedster’s Spandex for the Scout:

It was colored purple just like my Bonk Boy and my squirrel friend to make myself… Purple Super Scoot and the New Jersey Neck-Humping Squirrel! 😛

Happy Belated Birthday TF2!

2 ssertroF maeT otni kcab gnitteG

Heheh, I’m best friends with Bob. 😛

My apologies for not posting a few days ago. I’ve been too busy playing on some community servers in TF2 the other day after surviving four nights of cleaning around the local store with the cleaning robot. I have been getting random items drop lately such as weapons and useless cosmetic cases which require keys to open the cases. I still have yet to make more scrap metal, but I’ll keep on playing TF2 until I find the proper weapon drops so that I destroy them into scrap metal.

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