Saturday Winter Night Source FilmMaking Time!

I’ve been working on my latest holiday photo project in SFM the other day, and I got everything adjusted accordingly such as lighting, camera angling and positioning. Now it’s ready to be uploaded on Christmas this year. 🙂

Open Thread!

Meet the Wintertime Scoot

Last night I’ve been playing around on a 2Fort community server in TF2 and I found a ski cap with goggles for the Scout as my latest item drop:

I was very amazed when I got that. 🙂 Now I just need to get a lime green paint tool from the Steam market after I get done purchasing some games that I wanted to get from the Steam Winter Sale so that I can use the lime green paint tool on my latest Scout cosmetic.

Short Wednesday Evening Open Thread

We went to go see the belated holiday light show festival this evening, and we got some video footage of some things like the fire-breathing Christmas Lochness Monster, Golfing Santa, gingerbread men playing volleyball and all the others until the rain started falling down. So that’s our cue to leave the light show, but at least we had a good time over there. 🙂

After we got back home from the light show we had delicious cheeseburgers and fries that San_San and Papa Smurf picked up at a restaurant for dinner. Once again, we all lived for another day.

Open Thread, ladies and gentlemen.

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