Final Post of the Year + Some Fun with TF2

This has been a bad year for us because of lots of famous celebrities dying mostly from COVID, our next-door neighbor died from drowning, and even seeing any Karens or Cletuses that are too stupid to take a COVID vaccine shot and wear a face mask. But on the bright side, my friendly family members decided to give me a new mousepad as a belated Christmas gift last night along with a box of small pieces of plywood that form into a delivery truck, and I think I’ll plan on assembling it one of these days whenever I feel like it. Thanks for the Christmas present, my wonderful members of the family! That really cheered me up from those villainous anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers that try to mutilate me. 🙂

And now for my next trick for no reason at all, I will now craft enough pieces of junk into this cool-looking astronaut helmet after playing some more TF2 for tonight as part of my new year’s resolution:

Now that is just what I wanted all along, and TF2 has been aged quite well over the years even with the beautifully cartoonish graphics.

Happy New Year’s Eve to all of you ladies and gentlemen all over the world and let’s hope next year will get better than this.

I Got Another New TF2 Hat

After I played around some TF2 the other day I went to go to the Steam community market and spent enough money to purchase a cool-looking snow globe hat for all classes after selling just enough trading cards:

I am very satisfied with that all-class cosmetic, and what I like about that hat is it has a team-colored 2Fort building in the snow globe because I find that interesting. I also like how this hat has two styles named are “Snow” and “Dust” which they both look nice. 🙂

My first handmade TF2 cosmetic of the year

I forgot to put up something big on my blog the other day. I decided to smelt enough refined metal and junk to craft into the Grenadier’s Softcap for the Soldier so that I can use that along with the Black Box and the Battalion’s Backup to complete a Soldier item set known as The Tank Buster:

Now I’m planning on getting one of the two cosmetics from the Dr. Grordbort’s Moonman Pack item set for the Pyro. One is an spaceman’s backpack and the other is a astronaut helmet with a corn cob pipe attached to it, but we’ll find out which one I should get once I have enough junk for crafting.

I Kan Haz Crocodile Hat

Been playing around some Team Fortress 2 lately, and I decided to sacrifice my Darwin’s Danger Shield along with my four refined metal to make a top half of a crocodile head:

I’ve been looking that up on their official Wiki page and in the Trivia section there was a similar hat with the same name appears in the sequel of Dota as a reference to this hat.

Wednesday Night Open Thread

I managed to craft enough junk to craft these decorative bombs for the Demoman after doing more TF2:

I was hoping for the butt pirate hat like my friend Tomala, but unfortunately that did not happen this time. Oh well, at least the bombs look awesome on my Demoman loadout though.

Oh, I also sold some more junk from my Steam inventory to purchase a few cosmetics from the Steam market for tonight:

Either way, I’ve had such a fun time once again. Can’t wait to get more cosmetics and other things when the Steam Winter Sale begins. 🙂

Meet the Wintertime Scoot

Last night I’ve been playing around on a 2Fort community server in TF2 and I found a ski cap with goggles for the Scout as my latest item drop:

I was very amazed when I got that. 🙂 Now I just need to get a lime green paint tool from the Steam market after I get done purchasing some games that I wanted to get from the Steam Winter Sale so that I can use the lime green paint tool on my latest Scout cosmetic.

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