Some More Practicing In MK1

This literally took me a thousand tries to complete this long combo.

I decided to come back to practicing a little bit of MK1 this evening, and I spent just enough coins to earn myself a new Kombat Kard foreground of Sareena:

I also spent enough blood crystals to purchase MK3 Sub-Zero and UMK3 Reptile but unfortunately I don’t have screenshots of those Klassic outfits, then I sold enough Steam trading cards to purchase this cool pair of glasses from the community market:

This item is a reference to the glasses worn by Kris Kringle in the 1994 film Miracle on 34th Street.

I am 100% satisfied with my newly purchased TF2 cosmetic. Hooray for me!

I Got New TF2 Cosmetics From Der Community Market

Hooray! I have sold just enough junk to purchase two TF2 cosmetics and a paint tool from the Steam community market:

I immediately used it on my Optic Nerve because it could use a new paint job.

I even got a crate as a random item drop in which I immediately filed it under T for Trash, and now I’m off to the TF2 community servers to annihilate the enemy gamers.

I Got Another New TF2 Hat

After I played around some TF2 the other day I went to go to the Steam community market and spent enough money to purchase a cool-looking snow globe hat for all classes after selling just enough trading cards:

I am very satisfied with that all-class cosmetic, and what I like about that hat is it has a team-colored 2Fort building in the snow globe because I find that interesting. I also like how this hat has two styles named are “Snow” and “Dust” which they both look nice. 🙂

My Latest TF2 Gear of the Day

Been selling quite a few pieces of junk off my Steam inventory lately after playing around on random community servers in TF2. I have managed to sell enough crap to purchase some latest gear from the Steam market including two Strange pocket buddies and team-colored Summer Shades after getting rid of my lime green Summer Shades along with the other junk that I don’t need for right now. Here are a couple TF2 screenshots of my two latest Strange pocket buddies:

I can’t wait to get more TF2 gear during the Steam Summer sale this year. 🙂

In tonight’s time: TF2 Fiesta Time!

Sorry for not posting last couple days ago. I have been playing around on some TF2 on random community servers lately. Before I started playing I decided to sell some junk that I don’t need anymore to buy myself a few things in the Steam Market. Here are some screenshots of TF2 items that I bought:

I used that Halloween-themed War Paint on a standard Minigun for the Heavy.
That paint tool was used on my Tundra Top for all classes.
This War Paint has been applied on a stock Sniper Rifle.
And it’s a level 13 mask too. 😛

Either way, I had some excellent fun beating up opposing players using various weapons, helping my teammates battle their opponents, etc. 🙂

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