In tonight’s time: TF2 Fiesta Time!

Sorry for not posting last couple days ago. I have been playing around on some TF2 on random community servers lately. Before I started playing I decided to sell some junk that I don’t need anymore to buy myself a few things in the Steam Market. Here are some screenshots of TF2 items that I bought:

I used that Halloween-themed War Paint on a standard Minigun for the Heavy.
That paint tool was used on my Tundra Top for all classes.
This War Paint has been applied on a stock Sniper Rifle.
And it’s a level 13 mask too. πŸ˜›

Either way, I had some excellent fun beating up opposing players using various weapons, helping my teammates battle their opponents, etc. πŸ™‚

MOAR WAR PAINT!!! (and a Genuine hat)

I finally managed to sell off enough junk to buy this Dragon Slayer War Paint:

Plus I got the Merc Stained War Paint and a Genuine straw boater for the Sniper as a bonus:

I already used up my War Paint and obtained a couple of decorated weapons:

So now those two decorated weapons have been added to my backpack along with the Smissmas Sweater Grenade Launcher from last month.

Saturday Night Trading Card Sell-Off Time!

I’ve been selling a bunch of Steam trading cards from the community market lately because I was thinking about getting the Dragon Slayer War Paint if I have sold enough cards to buy it. Here’s a picture of the War Paint that I was talking about:

Credit goes to Valve and Team Fortress 2 for the picture of the Dragon Slayer War Paint.

I was looking that up on the search in the market and found the one with the Factory New exterior for about two dollars. That’s the cheapest Dragon Slayer War Paint of all from the market because the other four Dragon Slayer War Paints ranged from Minimal Wear to Battle Scarred are too expensive for me.

Anyway, I have received a total of 70 cents so far after selling the cards from the last couple days ago. πŸ™‚ More trading cards and other junk will be sold any moment until I have enough money to purchase the War Paint I’m looking for.


How do you like my lime green shades?

Been playing some more Community servers in TF2 lately after getting some Steam games from the store because the Halloween Sale is going on until the beginning of next month, and I also bought some TF2 cosmetic paints and War Paints from the market. Here’s some new War Painted weapons that I’ve got:

But yeah, I’ve had fun so were the other people who were on various Community servers. πŸ™‚


I sold enough trading cards this to buy a couple of War Paint tools from the Steam Community Market and add them to my Team Fortress 2 inventory:

And here’s two more of my War Paint weapons that I’ve received:

Oh, I also bought a Radigan Conagher Brown paint tool and applied it to my Sky High Fly Guy for the Soldier:

It’s a perfect color for a leather pilot’s hat. πŸ™‚

Thursday Evening Open Thread

edders77 came over to our house for a visit this evening. San_San made us some barbecued chicken, sliced steak, coleslaw and corn for dinner:

It was deliciously good food, and San also made some chocolaty brownies for dessert. Everybody had a great time together and lived for another day. πŸ™‚ We were chatting with Edders about Myst, the members who work on the Myst company and how he dipped his hands in the Hydrochloric acid while doing chemistry from awhile back. It was sure nice talking to him tonight. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I sold enough Steam trading cards and bought this nice War Paint and applied it on the regular Minigun:

My Starry Night Minigun

I also bought an Australium Gold paint from the market and used it on my Dangeresque shades:

Open thread!

I bought some super cool Feam Tortress Dos items

I bought some TF2 items in the Steam market yesterday. I got a metallic bow and arrow set, two hats (Bill’s Hat and the Scribblenauts hat) plus a bunch of awesome War Paint and hat paints added to my backpack. πŸ™‚ I even got a Blue Moon Cosmetic Key to unlock one of my Blue Moon Cosmetic Cases and here’s what I unboxed:

After I got done sorting through my stuff I decided to repaint some of my hats, and I even applied my war paint to some weapons that I’ve got so far:

Can’t wait to test out those War Painted puppies. πŸ˜€

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