Kickin’ @$$ and Takin’ Names in TF2

That RED intelligence got magically teleported to the BLU spawn base.

Decided to take a break on some SFM for right now and played on some random community servers in TF2 since it’s been awhile, and so far I’ve found quite a few drops and unlocked a couple achievements so far, and there were some people playing on the server that I’ve been playing on like the one person who plays as a Heavy with the Brass Beast, another one playing as a Soldier with a Quake rocket launcher and a Panic Attack shotgun, and also a Scout wearing a Mint-colored Bill’s hat with the same paint color as his other cosmetics that I couldn’t remember their names of them. We all had lots of fun playing the game to win. 🙂

As again, I will be planning doing some SFM either before I go to work tomorrow or by the time my next round of weekend begins.

In tonight’s post: I was on somebody’s YouTube live stream (again)

I decided to play around a little bit of TF2 for tonight, and I went on one of the Trade Plaza community servers and encountered someone who goes by their Steam and YouTube name Doge Brothers who was doing a YouTube live stream of them playing TF2. He was on the RED team so I joined the other team which is BLU and go as Soldier with a Cow Mangler and started knocking the ever-loving heck out of them with it. Then about seven minutes later they decided to leave the server and move on a different community server. At least they were all having a good time goofing around on there, and so did I. 🙂

And now for my next trick, I will now show you all my latest animated TF2 picture for tonight:

During that freezecam it looked like I was crying because I was looking down on the floor and reloading my Cow Mangler at the same time. 😛

EDIT: Their YouTube account has been terminated for violating Google’s Term of Privacy.

My Latest TF2 Hat Drop

Last night I received a latest hat drop while I was playing around on some community servers in TF2. It was a cavalier hat for the Spy:

That hat looks stylishly nice on my Spy loadout, and what I like about it is that it has a team-colored feather attached to it. 🙂 I’m still hoping to get the Factory New Dragon Slayer War Paint once I sold enough trading cards and other junk that I don’t need anymore.

Either way, it was once again a bunch of fun. 🙂

Sunday Late Night Open Thread: TF2 Edition

A perfect name for my Second Banana. 😛

I’ve been playing on some community servers in TF2 lately, and somebody sent me a wrapped Giftapult present that contains a cosmetic for the Demoman:

I did manage to obtain two achievements while I was playing around. One of them is for providing an enemy with a freeze cam shot of me waving to them, and the other one is for extinguishing my burning teammate by using my Jarate. 🙂 So yeah, It was a lot of fun trying to put arrows on my enemies’ heads as a Bow ‘n Arrow Sniper, neutralizing them with the Cow Mangler as Soldier, and all sorts of fun things.


How do you like my lime green shades?

Been playing some more Community servers in TF2 lately after getting some Steam games from the store because the Halloween Sale is going on until the beginning of next month, and I also bought some TF2 cosmetic paints and War Paints from the market. Here’s some new War Painted weapons that I’ve got:

But yeah, I’ve had fun so were the other people who were on various Community servers. 🙂

Scream Fortress Extravaganza

Let me get up there dammit! 😛

Been playing some TF2 yesterday because of the Scream Fortress update this year, and I have collected a total of 89 souls from my Soul Gargoyle, an item that you can level up just by collecting souls for killing enemies, finding Soul Gargoyles in-game, and completing Merasmissions. Awesome! 😀

So yeah, it was fun playing around on Halloween-themed community servers until the game coordinator service decided to go kaput for a while.

Some moar fun with TF2 Community Servers

Conga Conga Conga!

Been playing some Community servers in TF2 lately since it’s been awhile, and I have got a few new drops which are the B.A.S.E. Jumper, the Second Banana and a pair of incredibly awesome Mantreads:

The Second Banana is alright but what I don’t like about it is it only heals up to 200 health instead of 300, so I’ll stick with the Sandvich. But I can’t wait to go parachuting against the enemies while blasting them and/or stomping on them. 😛

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