Last Open Thread of the Month

After taking my lunch break at work inside a local store I decided to go to a Starbucks cafe for the first time and guess what I got from there? A S’mores Frappucino. I tried that out and it does taste like real delicious S’mores. Then later in the afternoon after getting off work I decided to be nice and buy another whole watermelon for my sister, and that time it’s worth $2.99 instead of $4.99 which is awesome. 🙂

Next thing I’ve been doing is play a little bit of Borderlands 2 this evening then I stepped away from my game and spent some time with my family eating meatloaf for dinner along with mashed potatoes, green beans and salad. After I finished eating dinner I deployed my Snickers candy trio which are the Snickers peanut almond butter squares, the Snickers creamy almond butter squares and the Snickers low-fat chocolate milk. So now I’m at the halfway point of my work week, and now my new laptop that my sister gave me the other day is now fully configured by I still need to add quite a few games on Steam that are suitable and can run perfectly on it without giving me any grief.

Open thread.

Saturday Afternoon Open Thread: It’s Melon Time!

After I got off work at a local store this afternoon I decided to buy a watermelon for my sis Tomala and a few other things like orange juice for the entire family to drink with, then later in the evening my family and I enjoyed some corn dogs for dinner with Mac n’ Cheese, green beans and juicy slices of a watermelon. It was some exquisite dinner alright. 🙂

Next week I have Tuesday and Wednesday off, so I think I’ll plan on building more pixel block art in GMod on my days off and maybe continue working on my comic art project afterwards unless my friends Tomala and Yutram have plans to join me for some fun games like GMod, Borderlands 2, the Pre-Sequel of Borderlands, etc.

Some More Apocalyptic Disinfectening!

My apologies for not posting yesterday because I’ve been too tired to write about something. I managed to survive two days at work in a row this week, and all they wanted me to do is to disinfect the handles from the shopping carts individually while politely greeting customers who walk into the store to grab shopping carts and/or hand baskets, go get some coffee, etc.

So far everything is going quite smooth and now I got the next two days off which are tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I did get some chewy Airheads candy yesterday from one employee who was being nice to me, and I also got a slice of chocolate peanut butter cake from another nice employee. Here’s a picture of my slice of cake:

I did thank them both for giving me that and the chewy candy. 🙂 I’ll be planning on making some GMod pixel art either this evening or tomorrow if I have the urge to do that now that I’m off from work for the next two days.

Wednesday Night Belated Birthday Dinner Open Thread

My apologies for not posting last couple days ago. Either way, my family and I went over to visit a friendly elderly family relative of ours at their house for dinner this evening.

We were chowing down on some yummy lasagna along with salad that they made, and then we enjoyed some chocolate cake with sprinkles on my belated birthday. Here’s the picture of my belated birthday cake:

I did receive a happy birthday card from them, and the birthday card contained a $25 Visa gift card. Awesome! Now I just need to save my gift card for the Steam Summer Sale this year. 🙂

Once again, my family and I lived for another day as always.


My sister Tomala made some healthy breakfast for the both of us from yesterday and today. The first one is oatmeal with different kinds of fruit like cherries, blueberries, cranberries and freshly chopped banana:

I’d say this is quite delicious and it’s got cinnamon, maple syrup, brown sugar, pralines and a little pinch of salt as the main ingredients. Then here’s the next one which is oatmeal but with sort of a Hawaiian twist to it:

This kind of oatmeal was made earlier this morning. The main ingredients for it are vanilla extract, brown sugar, another sliced banana, juicy pineapple chunks, walnuts, strawberries, pineapple and mango chunks. I call it ‘The Special Ed Oatmeal’. 😛

Either way, my compliments to the Overlord chef.

Wednesday Evening Open Thread with my Latest Drawing

I’ve been helping my mother San_San in the kitchen making some cookie dough in the kitchen earlier this afternoon after I got done watching TV, and I thought I’d get that out of the way so that she can make peanut butter cookies for dessert since she already made chocolate chip cookies the other day.

Then we enjoyed some seafood-related dinner later this evening which is clam chowder and salmon sandwiches, and after I’m all done with dinner I created my own drawing of Goro, the notoriously evil Shokan prince from the Mortal Kombat series:

I also uploaded this picture on Steam if anybody would like to check it out from there.

‘Twas a Quiet Sunday Night…

Tonight was a very quiet night from here, and there’s nothing much to write about. My family and I were enjoying some delicious store-bought pizza for dinner earlier this evening.

I have been getting back to working on my next comic art project after I got done eating dinner. The one that I’m currently working on includes school bullies and karate. So far I almost got the first row of my comic art project filled in, but once that done I’ll work on the second row next.

But for now, it is time for me to get some good sleep and hopefully fight off any nightmares that were coming after me.

The Ceramic Bowl Incident with a cute Morty pic

My family and I had some chili and corn muffins for dinner this evening after our home inspection is a success, and while I was having my second round of dinner I heard one of my sister Tomala’s ceramic bowls fall off the top of our microwave in the kitchen, landed on the kitchen table causing the bowl to shatter into bits and pieces. So we got up the broom and dustpan to clean up all the tiny ceramic shards by using the broom to sweep them into the dustpan and then straight into the trash. It appears that all the ceramic bowls were stacked in awkward positions according to my dad.

Anyways, here is a nice cat pic from last month of this handsome little guy being a couch weasel:

Friday Night Open Thread

It was a cold, rainy day earlier this evening. My family and I enjoyed some cheeseburgers and french fries for tonight’s dinner which was 100% delicious. 🙂

After I got done eating dinner I decided to spend a buttload of Golden Keys for some latest weaponry and get rid of my old weapons in Borderlands 2. Oh, I also found a new Bandit Technical skin customization that I found located in The Dust:

I decided to keep some of my Level 37 weapons which I’ll be giving them to my sister Tomala the next time we blow stuff up in this game.

Open thread.

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