Current SFM Mood: Restaurant Heroes of Love

I’ve been making a Valentine’s Day-themed SFM artwork project lately. Here’s what I’ve been working on for the holiday that includes love and superheroes:

This is my latest SFM project of my versions of Wonder Woman and Jenny the Robot enjoying food at a Valentine’s Day-themed restaurant while being greeted by Robin, who works as an unconventional but elegant waitress and gives Wonder Woman an ice-cold diamond ring as a lovely holiday present. 😛

Belated St. Patty’s Family Dinner Open Thread

My family and I stopped at an Irish themed restaurant this evening for our belated St. Patrick’s Day celebration. We tried going inside and looking for an open table but the restaurant was crowded with a several dozen people and there was not a single open table for us, so we decided to go eat outdoors instead.

Anyway, we chowed down on delicious Fish n Chips, and ordered some ice-cold boozy drinks while San_San ordered hot tea.

I gotta admit, that was a great (Slacker’s) St. Patty’s Day family dinner for us. Oh, and we also lived for another day too. 🙂

Thursday Evening Open Thread: Early Birthday Dinner Edition

My family and I went out to dinner at a Superfly restaurant for my early birthday with our friendly elderly visitor. We munched down on some delicious burgers and french fries, and we also ordered some good alcoholic drinks like the Dreamsicle and the Oregon Ass. 😛

Either way, that was an excellent early birthday dinner. I even thanked our guest for paying the dinner bill and sending me a birthday card that contains a $10 bill. 🙂

Another Late Night Open Thread with some Morty fotoz

My family and I went out for a long ride to Coos Bay yesterday to go to a restaurant called Vinny’s, which we’ve never been there before. We had some Smokin’ good eats there like hamburgers, Cajun and Italian fries, etc. Delicious! 😀 Yep, sure was a nice long road trip after we lived for yet another day.

Anyways, tonight was another decent night as usual. I went to do some various games like Shadow Warrior, Super Mario Advance, Borderlands 2 since it’s been a long time. Oh, I snap’d some more cute pictures of the incredibly handsome kitteh weasel boy known as Morty:

I even got some footage Stewie napping next to my bedroom door, but I still need to get more cat footage so that I can make my very first YouTube video of the year. 🙂

Thursday Night Open Thread

It was a decent evening. We went to a Mexican restaurant along with our visitor from Australia, and we chowed down some delicious Mexican food, plus Tomala and I had our cocktails that we ordered. 🙂 Then I dug back into some old-school Quake after we got home, plus I took this epic screenshots in-game from awhile back:

A grenade-launching chainsaw Ogre killed a Fiend in mid-air. 😛

So anyway, we lived for another day.

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