Sunday Morning Open Thread

I apologize for the lack of posting for the last few days ago. I still have nothing much to write other than just chillaxin’ on my lunch break at work as I’m inching closer to my upcoming birthday. I’ll be taking my time to think about what kind of cake I want, and also what kind of dinner for my birthday while I’m at it.

Open Thread!

Wednesday Night Belated Birthday Dinner Open Thread

My apologies for not posting last couple days ago. Either way, my family and I went over to visit a friendly elderly family relative of ours at their house for dinner this evening.

We were chowing down on some yummy lasagna along with salad that they made, and then we enjoyed some chocolate cake with sprinkles on my belated birthday. Here’s the picture of my belated birthday cake:

I did receive a happy birthday card from them, and the birthday card contained a $25 Visa gift card. Awesome! Now I just need to save my gift card for the Steam Summer Sale this year. 🙂

Once again, my family and I lived for another day as always.

Happy Birthday 2 Meh!

My family and I chowed down on some spaghetti along with the garlic bread and salad for dinner on my birthday, and we had some delicious red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. Here’s the picture of my birthday cake:

That was some dinner and birthday dessert. 🙂 I decided to celebrate my birthday by coming back to the old-school Tomb Raider. After finding the lead bars and killing about a dozen gorillas scattered around in different areas I have found a giant statue of Midas and a huge hand that turns me into gold when I’m top of it:

So far I have turned two of the lead bars into gold bars by using the huge golden hand. I still need to search for the third and final lead bar which should be around somewhere in this level.

Anyways, my birthday is going excellent tonight. 🙂

Thursday Evening Open Thread: Early Birthday Dinner Edition

My family and I went out to dinner at a Superfly restaurant for my early birthday with our friendly elderly visitor. We munched down on some delicious burgers and french fries, and we also ordered some good alcoholic drinks like the Dreamsicle and the Oregon Ass. 😛

Either way, that was an excellent early birthday dinner. I even thanked our guest for paying the dinner bill and sending me a birthday card that contains a $10 bill. 🙂

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