Sunday Morning Open Thread

I apologize for the lack of posting for the last few days ago. I still have nothing much to write other than just chillaxin’ on my lunch break at work as I’m inching closer to my upcoming birthday. I’ll be taking my time to think about what kind of cake I want, and also what kind of dinner for my birthday while I’m at it.

Open Thread!

Late Night TF2 Fun Time

Been playing around some more TF2 lately since a couple days ago was the game’s 13th birthday, and I’ve sold my first Summer 2020 cosmetic case and spent enough money to buy the Speedster’s Spandex for the Scout:

It was colored purple just like my Bonk Boy and my squirrel friend to make myself… Purple Super Scoot and the New Jersey Neck-Humping Squirrel! 😛

Happy Belated Birthday TF2!

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