Happy 6/9 to you Tomala!

Been making some more background artwork in GMod last night. Here’s what I’ve been working on for my sis Tomala:

Either way, I’ll be going back to work tomorrow but this time I’ll be working graveyards on my new job but first I need to go through more online computer training. So we’ll see how this goes when I’m fully ready for my night job.

Saturday Afternoon Open Thread: It’s Melon Time!

After I got off work at a local store this afternoon I decided to buy a watermelon for my sis Tomala and a few other things like orange juice for the entire family to drink with, then later in the evening my family and I enjoyed some corn dogs for dinner with Mac n’ Cheese, green beans and juicy slices of a watermelon. It was some exquisite dinner alright. 🙂

Next week I have Tuesday and Wednesday off, so I think I’ll plan on building more pixel block art in GMod on my days off and maybe continue working on my comic art project afterwards unless my friends Tomala and Yutram have plans to join me for some fun games like GMod, Borderlands 2, the Pre-Sequel of Borderlands, etc.

Doing some Skyrim in a Nutshell with Fwendz

Last night I’ve been playing around a bit of GMod with my friends Tomala, Yutram and Lil’ Queef on our journey to Skyrim inside Dragonsreach. Sadly there’s no Jarl Ballin’ in there but we did some watermelon science experimenting by conjuring various elemental watermelons like the watermelon virus, a watermelon turret, and even a glowing holy melon:

So now I got two days off which are tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I’ll plan on doing my bedding tomorrow because it’s already starting to get smelly from my bed sweat while focusing on my comic art project.

The Full Metal Mexican vs. The Evil Watermelon Monster

Made my latest artwork that’s dedicated to Tomala this evening. It was Raiden (not the Thunder God from Mortal Kombat) dressed as the Full Metal Mexican battling against a gruesome watermelon monster:

At the end of the fight the Full Metal Mexican managed to defeat the watermelon monster by slicing it in half with his sword. 😛

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