Yet another round of adorable cat fotoz

Yesterday I had my camcorder activated and locked eyes on my cat buddy Stewie. He was having fun trying to catch a garter snake that hangs out in our backyard:

Of course I can’t leave out the little handsome dude, Morty:

Yep, our cats are family and I love them both so much. 😻 Oh, and speaking of cats, we’re gonna have a new cat in a couple weeks after my family and I come back from our road trip.

Monday Night Open Thread with cute Morty fotoz

I snapped a couple of cute cat photos of the little guy camping in my bedroom:

I forgot to put these up this evening because I was too busy experimenting some stuff on my blog after my sister finished transferring over my blog to an IP address. Anyways, I got a job interview tomorrow over at a local store in town. Hopefully things will go well as planned. 🙂

Thursday Evening Open Thread

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was too busy making my comic project and other things. Either way, this evening turned out to be decent today. I’ve been doing some bathroom floor cleaning upstairs and downstairs lately because it’s a dirty job and it needs to be done, and I have also done the bathroom sinks too. So now I’m going to have my Dad bleach the inside of both upstairs and downstairs bathroom toilets because they’re starting to get dirty and smelly, and after I got all my bathroom work done my family and I chowed down on some burgers and french fries that we ordered from a fast food restaurant for dinner. That was some good finger-licking fast food. 🙂

Oh, while I was watching TV earlier this afternoon I whipped out my camera and snap’d a cute photo of Morty hiding under the blanket on the couch like he always does:

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