Current Mood: Dirty Dancing

Been toying around some SFM lately, and I guess what my next project for today is?

This one is called Dirty Dancing, where the Demoman wearing a Bill’s Hat and a Croft’s Crest badge doing a crazy dance with Mr. Happy showing up while holding the Scottish Resistance on his right hand. The reason why is because my father Ivan_Fookinov and sister Overlord Tomala came with that idea for my next project. I even updated my SFM poster from my Scout main to the Demoman doing a funny dance. 😛

I created a thing on Father’s Day

I decided to turn one of my old TF2 screenshots into something special for my dad Ivan_Fookinov:

It was a picture of a Demoman wearing a whiskey bib, grey summer shades and a grey Antarctic Eyewear. The reason why I made that is because Ivan likes to play as Demoman and other classes that he mostly played as which are Soldier, Heavy and Engineer.

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