Current SFM Mood: Dirty Dancing Redux

Last night I decided to remaster my SFM artwork project of a Demoman from TF2 doing the Conga dance in the LOLcano while wearing a princess outfit colored in pink:

The reason why I put this up is because my father gave me that idea for that project a few months ago. More SFM artwork will be uploaded shortly either the tomorrow or the day my weekend begins. But in the meantime, I’ll be heading off to Dreamsville and dream about hanging out with my own versions of PokΓ©mon Trainers on some fantastic cartoonish adventure.

Current Mood: Dirty Dancing

Been toying around some SFM lately, and I guess what my next project for today is?

This one is called Dirty Dancing, where the Demoman wearing a Bill’s Hat and a Croft’s Crest badge doing a crazy dance with Mr. Happy showing up while holding the Scottish Resistance on his right hand. The reason why is because my father Ivan_Fookinov and sister Overlord Tomala came with that idea for my next project. I even updated my SFM poster from my Scout main to the Demoman doing a funny dance. πŸ˜›

I created a thing on Father’s Day

I decided to turn one of my old TF2 screenshots into something special for my dad Ivan_Fookinov:

It was a picture of a Demoman wearing a whiskey bib, grey summer shades and a grey Antarctic Eyewear. The reason why I made that is because Ivan likes to play as Demoman and other classes that he mostly played as which are Soldier, Heavy and Engineer.

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