Vacation Travel Day 8: Vaccinated Family Business

Last night my family and I went to go visit our uncle currently living in Billings and we enjoyed our nice stay with him, and then we all went to a Subway restaurant to go grab ourselves some footlong sandwiches because we tried to go the Pickle Rick Barrel first but unfortunately it was closed and it will be closed only on Sundays. 😛

Anyways, everything was going very smoothly. And now we have arrived in Missoula, where we’ll be staying at another hotel from there on our trip for a day we head on over to Spokane tomorrow to visit more of our vaccinated families.

Vacation Travel Days 3 and 4: Yellow Stoned Pork

My family and I have been taking pics of various things while traveling through Wyoming. I even snagged some video footage of the scenery too just for the heck of it. 😛 After surviving another day of our family road trip I decided to mess around with some Adobe Illustrator and made my own artwork of the Yellowstone Park sign:

Tomorrow’s next destination: Yellowstone.

Monday Evening Thread of the Opening

Last night my family and I went out on a short road trip together to go get some jam and some fast food to chow down on, and it was an excellent trip but unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures from my camera because the sky was starting to get too dark too early and I don’t want to take pictures when it’s dark out.

I’m too tired to think of anything else to post for today other than our nice family road trip that we had yesterday, so feel free to deploy any mouthwords in this thread that has declared open.

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