Vacation Travel Day 8: Vaccinated Family Business

Last night my family and I went to go visit our uncle currently living in Billings and we enjoyed our nice stay with him, and then we all went to a Subway restaurant to go grab ourselves some footlong sandwiches because we tried to go the Pickle Rick Barrel first but unfortunately it was closed and it will be closed only on Sundays. 😛

Anyways, everything was going very smoothly. And now we have arrived in Missoula, where we’ll be staying at another hotel from there on our trip for a day we head on over to Spokane tomorrow to visit more of our vaccinated families.

Christmas Time has arrived!

We had a friendly elderly guest of ours coming over to our house this evening for a visit, and we were chowing down some delicious Christmas dinner which is Tri Tip roast beef with baked potatoes, salad, dinner rolls, corn and artichoke casserole:

After we’re all done eating dinner we decided to celebrate the holiday by drinking a good round of B-52 Bomber cocktails, and then our guest sent us some presents that contain candy and gift cards. Not only did I get the Christmas candy and a $25 VISA gift card, I also got a brand new handheld flashlight. 🙂

And now for no weird reason here’s a TF2 screenshot that I took and made it out of something for the holiday:

Yet Another Afternoon Open Thread

Last night we had two of our friendly cousins coming over to our house for a visit. We had such a great time together from simple conversations with my family to eating meatloaf for dinner along with some salad and green beans. It was a super excellent dinner for the whole family. 😉 I even showed our cousins some of my artwork via my camera including Little Red Riding Hood getting baked, a young couple eating potato chips while getting stoned, etc. I gotta say, they both like my artwork so much. It sure was nice to see our friendly cousins (again). 🙂

I went out back with my Dad this nice but breezy afternoon and didn’t do really much yard work because of heavy winds. We were spreading yard stones on the entrance to our backyard, and tried to avoid breathing stone dust while it’s breezy heavily out here. We decided to call it quits after picking a few more pinecones because we just don’t want to get dirt in our eyes in this breezy weather, and every time I try lift the dirt the wind blows it towards my eyes.

Family Road Trip Open Thread

Yesterday my family and I went out on a family road trip to go visit our two friendly elderly cousins who live up in Portland for about 27 years, and we totally lucked out by helping them get us a ‘new’ car that we’re looking for because the first two tries on getting it didn’t go well as planned. Anyway, after we got done chatting over at our cousins’ house we went into a restaurant called The Old Spaghetti Factory for my sister Tomala’s birthday, and we chowed down on some delicious food like toasty cheesy ravioli, spaghetti with meatballs, etc. We also ordered some good cocktail drinks like the White Russian and the Fruit Punch, plus we had some ice cream and spumoni for dessert after we finished our nice family dinner. 🙂

Then the next day we all went to an IHOP restaurant to have some breakfast earlier this morning. We had some delicious pancakes like the original Buttermilk pancake and the Chocolaty Chocolate Chip pancake which is what I ordered, some eggs, hash browns, bacon and sausages. After we got out of the IHOP restaurant and said goodbye to our cousins we drove all the way home so that we can plan on getting rid of our classic Oldsmobile by sending it to a local car dump.

So yeah, it sure was nice seeing our beloved cousins. Can’t wait to go visit them again someday now that we got a brand new transportation. 🙂

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