I Heart Seeding Dandelions *again*

Last week I was outside in my backyard on a search for some flowers when all of the sudden… I found a beautiful seeding dandelion:

This dandelion is about three feet tall and it has a supply of parachute seeds that form into a fuzzy, white puffball that has a nice smell to it.

Yep, I still love those kind of flowers which they can also be used for wishing. 😛 Anyways, my new camera has already arrived so that I can take much better pics with it before we go on a family road trip since my vacation is coming up tomorrow. 🙂

I Heart Seeding Dandelions

I apologize for not posting yesterday because I’ve been too busy doing a few chores around the house. Either way, here’s a picture of something that I found in our backyard that I forgot to put up on my blog the other day:

It was a very tall seeding dandelion. It’s about three feet tall, and has a large supply of umbrella seeds on the dandelions forming a big white puffball:

This flower smells really nice just like all the other flowers in the world of nature. I’m deeply in love with these kind of flowers. 🙂

My National Forest Fire Story

My family and I went to go visit the Willamette National Forest earlier this afternoon to check out the fire damage from there because we had a couple of major wildfires that burned a bunch of acres back in 2017 and 2018 due to lightning strikes and/or people who ignite fires. Here are a few pictures of various trees that got charred after the 2017 wildfires:

We got really lucky back then because the fire was heading towards our town after burning about 50,000 acres from the Horse Creek Complex and Jones fires but the firefighters and heavy rains have managed to put out the fiery blaze of destruction for good.

Oh, and while we were heading back home I activated my camera and snapped a picture of a squirrel at the edge of the road minding its own business:

Yep, that is one cute squirrel with a nice fluffy tail. 🙂

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