Some Halloween Art in Adobe Illustrator

I’ve been messing around some more Adobe Illustrator this evening, and I decided to image trace my own version of Trollface on there and turned it into a Jack-O’-Lantern:

More Halloween artwork will be available to publish soon, so stay tuned…

You’re not gonna believe what I saw last night.

I was in the middle of doing something on my computer when suddenly I looked up and saw a couple of mosquito hawks (mayflies) that were stuck together, partying on the ceiling:


But Dad decided to ruin their party by giving them a smackdown. Then, I tracked one of them down and killed it while the other one was starting to get angry and started attacking me. But it was interrupted by a burial at sea (I flushed them down the toilet).

At least they had a good party. 😛

Deadpool, Giant Bugs and a Giant Red Gingerbread Man

I was playing some more Scribblenauts last night, and I took a screenshot of Deadpool riding a red Shoggoth:


I also created a giant bug party last month. Here you can see all the bugs dancing:


Last but not least, I took a screenshot of a giant red gingerbread man wearing a red top hat:

2016-02-23_00001 (2)

That is all. 😉

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