My latest uploaded YouTube porn

I uploaded two videos on YouTube this evening. This first video is my cat Morty looking out the back window of our van while my family and I were visiting Yellowstone Park on our road trip:

And this next one is recorded from awhile back of a ladybug on top another ladybug on the bush from our house:

Feel free to check these out if you’re really bored.

Misbehaving Nature Animals on Ellen

I went on YouTube tonight and found this video from The Ellen DeGeneres Show where Ellen shows photos of nature animals who have bad behavior on her segment called ‘Naughty By Nature’:

I think the most hilarious pics are a bear opening a door and a dog humping another while a human mother and her daughter are kissing. 😛

You’re not gonna believe what I saw last night.

I was in the middle of doing something on my computer when suddenly I looked up and saw a couple of mosquito hawks (mayflies) that were stuck together, partying on the ceiling:


But Dad decided to ruin their party by giving them a smackdown. Then, I tracked one of them down and killed it while the other one was starting to get angry and started attacking me. But it was interrupted by a burial at sea (I flushed them down the toilet).

At least they had a good party. 😛

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