‘Tis the Season to be Early

I decided to celebrate Christmas this early by making this SFM art project of the Slackers gang celebrating the holiday in a wonderful winter wonderland. In the background there’s Santa Claus enjoying his sandwich along with the Demoman, Heavy and Engineer doing the Kazotsky Kick as part of their Christmas celebration.

My National Forest Fire Story

My family and I went to go visit the Willamette National Forest earlier this afternoon to check out the fire damage from there because we had a couple of major wildfires that burned a bunch of acres back in 2017 and 2018 due to lightning strikes and/or people who ignite fires. Here are a few pictures of various trees that got charred after the 2017 wildfires:

We got really lucky back then because the fire was heading towards our town after burning about 50,000 acres from the Horse Creek Complex and Jones fires but the firefighters and heavy rains have managed to put out the fiery blaze of destruction for good.

Oh, and while we were heading back home I activated my camera and snapped a picture of a squirrel at the edge of the road minding its own business:

Yep, that is one cute squirrel with a nice fluffy tail. 🙂

Tree Fallin’

Once again, sorry for not posting anything because my Slackers site(s) have been disabled because of an infected malware attack. Either way, I heard a big boom coming from behind our house a few days ago. So I went out back with my camera and took a picture of the evidence:

It was a picture of a tree located in our next door neighbors’ backyard. The tree fell down on 2 to 3 properties and not only did it destroy a few metal fences, it also demolished part of our roof:

Man, I just can’t believe that happened. Hopefully the repair crew would fix the roof on time before the rain comes.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

We’re having a tree removed from behind our house… actually, two trees. It’s one tree that grew into two trees, both about 70 feet tall.

This picture is what’s left of our tree. There’s 45 feet left of it right now, and hopefully tomorrow they’ll have it cut down to within four feet of the ground. 🙂 There will be a big stump for now.

This was the last cut of the day. It’s about 10 feet tall, and the tree remover estimated its weight of 5,000 pounds. We counted the wooden lines to see how old our tree is, and it’s 75 years old.

And finally I’ll end the post with a picture of our cat Stewie on the Bobcat:

Visiting the Trees of Mystery

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox

Tomala, San_San and I went on a tour to the Trees of Mystery together along with our visitor of Australia. We pulled out our cameras and took pictures of historic trees and wood sculptures while we’re walking around there. Here are some of my own:

Turtle! Turtle!

Looks like cauliflower.

The Sprinkler Tree

Boot ’em, boys!


Yep, we had a very nice tour around the Trees of Mystery. I remember going there with my family when Tomala and I are little kids. 🙂

My first airplane ride


San_San (that’s my mom 😉 ), Tomala and I decided to go to the airport because there aren’t any good carnival rides at the fair. All they’ve got at the fair is a couple of music stages that are twenty feet away from each other, some kind of racecar carnival ride, and a trampoline ride where the owners strap the kids on while they’re jumping on the trampoline and doing crazy tricks at the same time. However, Tomala and I did get some cotton candy, and I took a picture of the boats out on the water while we were at the fair:


Anyways, we arrived at the airport and we waited in line for like an hour, so Tomala and I pull out our cameras and we took pictures of airplanes and helicopters while we’re watching them fly by and land safely on the ground. Here’s some pictures of airplanes and helicopters that I took:













After an hour, we’re up next. So we all get on the airplane, and Tomala wants to go sit in the front seat because she wanted to take some footage from her camcorder while San_San and I sit in the back. We could see our house from above. 😀 Here are some more pictures:

















I found more boats out on the water. XD

I found more boats out on the water. XD

So yeah, the ride went well and none of us got airsick, which is good. 😉

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